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Corellon Larethian

Corellon Larethian was a greater deity and the creator and protector of the elven race, whom it is said were born from his blood as it fell during an ancient battle the orc god, Gruumsh. This battle left Gruumsh with one eye, resulting in his nickname and instigating what would become a vicious rivalry for eons afterward. Their divine conflict was ultimately settled when Corellon was slain at the hands of his nemesis.


Corellon's throne has remained vacant since his death, although an ongoing struggle has ensued in the vacuum of power he left behind.


Physical Description

General Details

During his life, Corellon took many physical forms, both male and female. He most typically favored the appearance of a masculine elf, however, and this is usually how he is depicted.


Divine Characteristics


Corellon's primary domains were magic and the arts. He was also deeply tied to those things held in highest esteem among the elves: beauty, music, art, poetry, and warfare.


Symbols & Sigils

Intricately woven crescent moon

Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Chaotic Good
Year of Death
1107 CR
Circumstances of Death
Character Prototype
Robert Pattinson

Divine Symbol: Corellon

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