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The House Without

The House Without is a mansion in The Feywild, constructed in the style of a southern plantation home. A quick glance at this house in Everbright paints a placid scene of lush vegetation and simple charm. However, this scene is strangely identical when viewing the house from apparently any direction. It gives the bizarre and discomfiting impression of a portrait whose eyes follow you as you observe it from different angles.


The House has been home to Sinfarena and her sisters since the Autumn Queen and The Queen of Air and Darkness cooperated to banish the hags to its confines. This came after Sinfarena stole the sunlight from the skies over Sunhallow.


On Cursed Ground

The house itself appears to exist somehow separate from the region surrounding it.


Stepping onto its porch, visitors find themselves beneath a sky much darker than the one they left a step behind. In an instant, the heavens above become lightless; an inky blackness that streteches to infinity in every direction. All wind, sound, and surrounding area simply vanish--suddenly and completely. What remains is the house, the visitor, and nothing beside.

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