The Torrents

What Acaelicans call "The Torrents" is actually an inland sea that cuts into Acaelica's eastern coastline. It is so named for its vicious riptides and rapid, violent waves. Although it has expanded in size over time, it is unlike The Starving Sea in that the expansion has been strictly the result of erosion--however swift.


The coastline around the Torrents today is comprised of extremly resilient, rocky cliffs that have withstood the water's tireless onslaught over the years. There is no sign that they will not continue to do so.


Storms on the Water

The Torrents are frequently beset by minuscule, hurricane-like tempests at all times of year. The storms seem to originate along the Longbow Cape, before heading westward over the water. Strangely, they only ever make landfall in the same location--the region called The Storm Acre--and traveling still westward over the Stormeater Mountains (so named for their ability to buffer these storms until they are quite small and non-destructive).

Inland Sea

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