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The calendar consists of 8 months which together comprise a 400-day year. This year is bisected by an orbital equinox, at which point the planet's accelerated velocity carries it from the gravity well of Pelor-Kai to that of Pelor-Ros. It orbits the second sun before repeating the process, resulting in a planetary orbit that traces the shape of a figure-8. An individual month delinates a quarter-circle arc of the two circles that together form the figure-8 as illustrated below.




Kairos was the name adopted by a group of scholars who took it upon themselves to unify Acaelica under a single, shared calendar. This task had been previously attempted by many would-be conquerors of the continent. However, when these invariably fell short of their goal, their calendars became either lost or asynchronous.

Acaelica has always been a tribalistic land and it has been historically rare for any one power to maintain influence over much beyond a small region or large city. This has, over time, presented complex obstacles for scholars of historical record. It is difficult, after all, to place things in context without first knowing when they occurred in relation to one another.


The Kairos scholars enlisted the aid of mercenaries throughout their travels, as they were frequently the target of attacks. These attacks were often carried out by zealots who rejected certain implications of the proposed calendar. Chiefly, the scholars asserted that Pelor maintained the planet's fragile and unlikely orbit around each of the planet's two stars. At the time though, many insisted that Pelor's only domain was the orange sun, while the blue sun was the domain of another whose name has since been lost to time. In fact, even the scholars' renaming of the two suns to Pelor-Kai and Pelor-Ros would be perceived by many as a sign of their arrogance, engendering further animosity toward them and their aims.


Despite these challenges, the scholars and their mercenaries would survive and succeed time and again. This continental enterprise would take over 120 years and the lives of countless people to complete, but in the year now recognized continent-wide as 1 CR, they officially concluded their quest.



The surviving adventurers who had pledged their services to this cause found themselves with an extensive network of powerful allies and the gratitude of the Kairos scholars.


Recognizing the demand for their services by many across the continent (and understanding the need to protect what they had forged), they founded a guild which remains in operation today. Initially something of a police force to back the newly adopted calendar, the guild now operates as a hub for those in need of adventuring talent to achieve their own goals.


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