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The Bluvil Brothers

The Bluvil Brothers refers to the three patriarchs of a family of halflings in Witchmill. There have been nine men in total who, at one time or another, counted themselves among "The Bluvil Brothers." Their legacy takes the form of the town's three mills--the largest being the pigment mill, presently operated by Jaywil. The grain mill and sawmill are run by Shane and Dunleavy Bluvil, respectively.



The original three brothers--Shefski, Laett, and Grantil--were originally from the ruined town of Cameron (which itself would become Witchmill after the arrival of Lady Mallory). It was Shefski who originally approached Lady Mallory about his plan for a large mill to prepare pigment from the opal blossom plants that had begun growing in the vicinity of Mallory's tower.


This mill would be responsible for much of the town's early wealth, and at one point would employ most of its citizens. The income and trade allowed him to enable his younger brothers to open up their own mills, and all three remain open to this day. Some argue that the name Witchmill is as much a reflection of their efforts as Lady Mallory's, and it is unfair that the latter gets all the credit.


Elton, Carlo, and Duhon Bluvil would take over for them and continue to operate the mills for another 60 years on their own. Eventually, these men would turn over the operation to their sons, Jaywil, Shane, and Dunleavy, who continue to run the business today.

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