Morrigan--oftentimes simply called The Raven Queen--is a greater deity presiding over death and fate. She is a highly enigmatic figure with few personal relationships even within the Divine Pantheon.


Many sages speculate that she is insane. They argue that her methods are reducible either to aimless curiosity or attempts to prevent her fragile existence from fading into oblivion. Others maintain that there must be some cosmological function to her actions, as she purifies souls by forcing mortals to deal with their fears and pains.



Although a complete account of the Raven Queen's motivations and origins is not generally known, it is believed that she was originally a much beloved elf queen from The Feywild who witnessed the conflict between Corellon and Lolth. Her legend claims that she rallied her followers to perform a powerful ritual in order to become a deity, so she could have the leverage to appeal to the deities' senses. However, there is no credible evidence that such a ritual can actually exist, and most scholars reject this as fiction.


The ritual apparently involved the offering of the queen's followers' souls and magic to add to her own power. The followers, who called themselves shadar-kai, believed that Morrigan was capable of reunifying the elven pantheon and the sundered elves.


Divine Characteristics


Death, Fate, Winter


Symbols & Sigils

Raven’s head, in profile, facing left


Goals & Aspirations

The Raven Queen's existence is focused on collecting memories and strong emotions, typically associated with loss and tragedy. To this end, she dispatches her ravens and shadar-kai to all corners of the multiverse to witness such events. Afterward, they collect mementos--such as trinkets, memories from the living and even the souls of the dead--to bring back to her.

Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Lawful Neutral
Character Prototype
Jennifer Connelly

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