Ioun is greater deity and goddess of knowledge all in its forms. Where Corellon Larethian was the patron of arcane magic, Ioun is the patron of its study. Libraries and wizard academies are built in her name.

She instructs that knowledge itself is neither good nor evil, with such a distinction requiring a willful choice by the knower. She therefore adopts a truly neutral alignment--the only one in the Divine Pantheon to do so.


Divine Characteristics

Divine Domains

Knowledge, Learning  

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Shepherd's staff with stylized eye  

Tenets of Faith

  • Seek the perfection of your mind by bringing reason, perception, and emotion into balance with one another.
  • Accumulate, preserve, and distribute knowledge in all forms.
  • Pursue education, build libraries, and seek out lost and ancient lore.
  • Be watchful at all times for the followers of Vecna and those who seek to control knowledge and keep secrets. Oppose their schemes, unmask their lies, and blind them with the light of truth and reason.


Contacts & Relations

Despite Ioun's true neutral alignment, she maintains close ties and alliances with Pelor and Bahamut. She further espouses a deep loathing for Vecna and Naphora, whom she recognizes as adversaries to the spread of knowledge and truth.
Character Prototype
Kate Winslet

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