Graz'zt is a lesser deity and Demon Lord of The Abyss--one of the few to preside over more than one layer. He is also recognized as the god of indulgence, lust and pain.



The 45th, 46th and 47th layers of the Abyss are collectively ruled by Graz'zt. They are collectively referred to as Azzagrat or the Triple Realm. All three layers are connected by the River of Salt.


45th Layer

The 45th layer is a windswept steppe with a continually gray sky. All sounds are muted and fade into the background noise--even the most terrible screams. The landscape is strangely unremarkable—details bleed together until it is nearly impossible to tell where one is going or where one had been. Travelers rarely remember anything of the lands and towns they visit during their journeys here, although people, creatures, and objects are usually recalled with ease.


46th Layer

The 46th layer shines with its own luminosity, projecting light and shadows upwards into the sky, which itself is dark and gray at night.


47th Layer

The 47th layer glows under the light of a blue sun. Heat and cold have an unusual relationship on this plane and often act opposite to what is expected of them. Fire is blue and purple and cold magic can burn you. The blue light of the sun makes it difficult to discern an individual's features and so it is frequently used by visitors to help disguise themselves.


The demons here are immune to cold.


The Severing

Sometime during Acaelican prehistory, the plane of Pandemonium was once the 421st layer of The Abyss. Pandemonium was unique in that no Demon Lord presided over it, although several--including Orcus--would stake spurious claims to it.


It is generally accepted that Graz'zt was responsible for the ritual that severed Pandemonium's connection to the Abyss. Many scholars dispute this claim, believing that the amount of power required for such a task was beyond the reach of a single Demon Lord. However, Orcus' continued animosity toward Graz'zt lends some credence to this belief.


The birth of the god Naphora is thought to be an unforeseen side-effect of this event.



Contacts & Affiliations

Unlike nearly all of his fellow Demon Lords, Graz'zt has been known at times to embrace cooperation. He has a record of forging alliances with other Demon Lords--and even mortals on occasion--and ostensibly honoring his contracts and promises.


Graz'zt also spends significant time defending himself and his planes from attacks by Orcus and his minions.


Divine Characteristics


Indulgence, Pleasure, and Pain


Symbols & Sigils

Interwoven six-pointed star

Divine Classification
Lesser Deity
Chaotic Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Dark Prince
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Character Prototype
Dacre Montgomery

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