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The capital city of Gameth. A three-tiered metropolis carved into a former quarry of the Nestorian Mtns, the city is one of the most densely-populated metropolises in the world. A monster attack in 876 during the Fairouz Terror called for the rebuilding and expansion of the eastern section of the city to accommodate the influx of new residents.


  • 80% Human
  • 7% Elven
  • 13% Other Races


  • Gargantuan walls surround the city on all sides. First erected in the year's following Cosmere's conquest of the region, they were built upon by future generations of monarchs until they loomed more than 150 ft. above the city.


  • The largest city in Liat, a massive workforce ensures a vibrant economy flourishes in the region
  • Dozens of artisan guilds have their headquarters in Gameria, working together to ensure profitable trading practices are enforced around the kingdom.
  • A giant port in Gameria's lower levels welcomes hundreds of thousands of ships every year from all over the world.
  • Gameria's theater scene is in the middle of a golden age of adventure stories and political plays
  • The National Archives in Gameria's highest levels is the largest body of knowledge in Gameth.
  • The largest Temple of Erivo is located in Gameria, and many religious groups have their base of operations in the city


When King Cosmere Nestorius first set about creating the kingdom of Gameth, one of the foremost goals of his campaign was to find a location suitable for the capital of his empire. Many of the settlements on the southern coast of Liat were either miserable fishing villages or large cities ruled by elven governments hostile to his invading forces, so rather than settle for less he set about constructing a city of his one from the ground up.    Cosmere's advisors suggested many strategic locations between the Gulf of Gameth and the Nestorian Mtns., but none suited the monarach's imperial vision. As the Gamerian armies marched north to defeat the organized forces of elvenkind and dragonborn alike, inspiration struck King Cosmere when he came across the abandoned ruins of an ancient mine dating back to the Myltev Empire of the 2nd Cycle. Segments of a mountain had been hollowed out into three different platforms, and nestled within the Nestorian Mtns it was all but impervious to a land-based invasion.    So while the Gamerian kingdom spread its reach across the continent, King Cosmere used his pilfered wealth and conquered peoples as fuel for his incredible city. A magnificent royal palace, an immaculate temple in honor of the Gamerian-adopted goddess Erivo, and a well-furnished library became the defining landmarks of Gameth's new capital of Gameria. The world's largest staircase, meticulously constructed step by step over a quarter century, stretched from the city's highest levels down to the to the shipyards where Gamerian vessels traded wares all across Pescaliat. By the end of King Cosmere's reign, Gameria had become one of the great wonders of the world with its mountainside metropolis and breathtaking views of the Gulf of Gameth. Nobles, merchants, and commoners alike flocked to the city to bask in its splendors and make a living safe from the monsters that lurked in the continent's interior.    Gameria was never an invulnerable city: plagues, wars, famine, and revolution all befell the city at some point or other in its 900-year history. But no matter how devastating the disaster, thousands of souls would be eager to fill the city's levels and maintain its standing in the world. Protective measures were adopted over the years to insulate the city from disaster, maintaining reliable supply lines with neighboring towns like Westmont and Eastwood to keep its population well-fed.   A defining moment for Gameria came during the Fairouz Terror of the 870's when the city's population doubled in size over a couple years. Thousands fled the countryside and the abominations terrorizing Gameth's villages, overwhelming the city's ancient infrastructure and threatening to throw the city into chaos if left unchecked. King Nestor VI's abdication in favor of his long-lost daughter Astrid led to a victorious war against Avicenna and the defeat of Fairouz the Undying, maintaining stability within the city and ensuring its growth could accommodate the influx of new residents.    With help from expat Avicennan engineers, Gameria sprawled and grew beyond its historic boundaries to become the largest city in the world. Its population surpassed a million sometime at the start of the 4th Cycle's tenth century, with no signs of a population slowdown as more and more workers sought to join in the industrial revolution. Disease and pollution have become greater and greater problems for the burgeoning metropolis, but it won't be the first crisis the city's been forced to overcome.

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