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CoS Session 5: Gameria's Second Fall Festival

General Summary

  • The next day after the underground battle with Darwish, Aldo goes on a date with Gen. Boua Ussaki
  • Even with Catriona’s charisma modifier, Boua’s not charmed by his advances
  • Boua asks Aldo to help keep her updated on Fallworth’s plans
  • Aldo agrees, gets a new longbow from Boua
  • Catriona works on a new painting
  • It’s a Hakonian landscape painting, and it sells well in Ravi's marketplace
  • That night Roland goes to a brothel on the outskirts of town
  • He finds a woman that looks like his dead wife, but he can’t make himself spend the night with her
  • As they leave Ravi, Roland thanks Gen. Boua for her help
  • Boua’s explains how she's preparing to leave for Kanara to challenge the nation's aging leadership
  • They head out on Asmi’s upgraded wagon (they got 50GP for the giant elk they killed)
  • Aldo starts writing love letters to Boua, describing bushes he wants to lay in with her
  • The party finally makes it back to Gameria
  • They try to meet with Defense Minister Fallworth but they have to come back tomorrow afternoon
  • In the meantime party enjoys (another) fall festival being celebrated on the city streets
  • At least the pumpkin spice cider's tasty
  • Aldo visits the National Archives to write more articulate letters to Gen. Boua
  • Elgort gives him a copy of Ballad of Prince Snowbean to read
  • Catriona makes a decorative vase, and when a nobleman offers to buy it for nostalgic reasons she gives him a discount
  • Meanwhile, Roland finds a hobby that will define his character for decades to come: fighting pits
  • He goes down to Gameria’s lower levels, and finds a man named Shank who lets him duke it out for a couple of rounds
  • The first match is a natural 20 knockout!
  • Roland makes a killing in the fighting pits for the rest of the week
  • The next day they meet with Fallworth
  • They fill him in on Court of the Undying, and Aldo mentions his date with Gen. Boua
  • Fallworth’s not a fan of Boua or her methods
  • He gripes to the party about the wasteful spending by King Nestor VI and the court politics delaying any kind of meaningful reform
  • He tells party to go to the town of Trecce in Sardivelia to infiltrate a Court of Undying Meeting
  • He says a nobleman and contact named Paoli will help them in Trecce
  • He compensates them for last mission, promises 300GP for next mission
  • They will have to find their own way to Sardivelia
  • Aldo remembers Azara Altan, Azmi’s sister in Gameria
  • They head down to Gameria’s dockyards, ask her for ship to Trecce
  • They find one for 150GP per seat

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
15 Sep 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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