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CoS Session 33: It's Good to be Home

General Summary

  • Party arrives in Gameria!
  • Two weeks shy of a full year of circumnavigating Liat
  • It's Medraad and Adam’s first time in Gameria
  • A crow lands on Nikolaj’s shoulder telling them to go to Shank’s Fighting Pit
  • Once there party is lead to suite where Azrael and Assaj are watching fight
  • Lots of merch available for Fireheart action star
  • Party fills them in on recent adventures since leaving Kanara
  • Verona doesn’t hug Azrael, warns him that she won’t join Handgun just yet
  • Medraad convinces her to at least convince Three Fingers agents to abandon Fairouz
  • Azrael says Aldo’s been acting more reckless since Kanara attack
  • He’s getting paranoid, feels isolated without Boua and Willard
  • Adam wants Roland action figure, so he fights Hakonian in fighting pit
  • Wins close two-out-of-three, Roland’s there at end to give him toy
  • Roland goes back up to suite with Adam to see rest of party
  • Medraad has to resist urge to murder him on sight
  • He resists, but a web pattern burns on his hand with intense pain
  • Assaj treats it, Roland lifts Fairouz’s curse
  • An awkward first encounter, but it’s all over now
  • Party will meet with Queen Astrid tomorrow morning
  • Adam reunites with Stanislavski from theater troupe
  • Tries his hand at role of Orange King
  • Medraad speaks with Man in Black
  • Main in Black reluctantly agrees to meet Rexfur, is genuinely concerned for Medraad’s safety
  • Nikolaj catches up with Roland, catches up on old times
  • Elan gets pretty wasted before visiting Catriona
  • Catriona rolls her eyes, but great sister bonding
  • The next day all party members (who aren’t Aldo) go to Queen’s Palace
  • Ornate stained glasses of all the gods line the grand hallway
  • Queen Astrid is there with Fallworth and a few guards
  • She recounts party’s history of thievery and working with Rexfur
  • Party doesn’t dispute accusations, they say all their shenanigans have assisted the Gamerian war effort
  • Reluctantly, Queen Astrid agrees and will not press charges
  • However, she can’t have them working for the Handgun anymore
  • From here on out, the party will be recognized as members of Gameth's Royal Knights Brigade
  • And the issue of Rexfur will eventually be resolved
  • Meetings and debates will be held to add him to pantheon
  • More uncertainty around Man in Black
  • Medraad assures her they’re all on same side
  • Without further ado, entire party swears loyalty oath to Queen
  • Catriona included!
  • Rest of party then heads to recently renovated Temple of Rexfur
  • Looks a lot nicer now
  • High Priest Carnahan complains to Nikolaj about being too old
  • Wants him to take over as High Priest
  • Rexfur shows up, says it’s up to Nikolaj since he seems reluctant
  • With Rexfur here, Medraad summons Man in Black as well
  • Man in Black is not a fan of crowds
  • But, he stays around long enough to explain his goals
  • Medraad fills in details later
  • Medraad and Rexfur meet one-on-one
  • They come to understanding/agreement
  • They’ll help out each other’s interests
  • Rexfur tells Nikolaj that Man in Black will help deal with Fairouz
  • But what are his plans after that?
  • Oh, and Medraad goes to a handful of brothels, spending 400GP and casting suggestion to make girls Rexfur followers
  • He also does some research at Archives about wizardry
  • Adam performs Orange Knight play, doesn’t go well
Report Date
31 May 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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