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Gilded Hecat Guild

An adventuring guild based in the dragonborn kingdom of Bahamut. Founded by the former adventurer Kirby, the Guild attracts adventurers from all over Pescaliat seeking fame and fortune.   Bahamut's ambitious leader Jezean Hestheroth sought to make her kingdom a regional superpower in a post-Elflands world, and she believed that the creation of a prestigious adventuring guild in the nation's capital was a vital step towards an international reputation. Learning from the missteps of Rakka's Heroes, Jezean granted the organization an exceptional degree of autonomy to ensure that her government wouldn't be held liable for any expensive maintenance fees or the loss of talented adventurers.   In the decades since its founding, the members of the Gilded Hecat Guild have amassed high-profile victories against cults like the The Ushers of Renewal. Its most veteran members have become celebrities on the continent, attracting more and more adventurers to achieve that same level of prestige. In 924 it merged with the Royal Knights Brigade, expanding the guild's influence into Liat and providing the guild with the expertise needed to organize large-scale campaigns.


The guild hall in Dhyrlonis is a place for adventurers to relax and check on the latest quests. The building's accommodations are suited for the rugged traveler, but Kirby envisioned turning his guild hall into one of Bahamut's greatest taverns. The average traveler still prefers more modest and peaceful accommodations in Dhyrlonis, but the GHG HQ has become a rowdy place for strategizing and resting in between adventures.   Members of the GHG are divided into three tiers:
  • Part-Timers (Tier 1): Entry-level adventurers seeking to make some gold hunting bounties or clearing out dungeons. Most part-timers only stick around for a couple years, leaving the organization once they've made enough money or resolved whatever character arc compelled them to become an adventurer in the first place. Part-timers must follow the GHG's ethical guidelines, but they're not expected to serve as diplomats or work on more politically fraught missions. 
  • Veterans (Tier 2): Adventurers with a few missions under their belt, only a small fraction of part-timers stick around long enough to reach veteran status. With their experience and abilities, veterans are given access to longer-term contracts and are granted more freedom to work for specific patrons and help advance their political goals. Veterans are still expected to abide by GHG guidelines and report directly to the guild's leadership whenever uncertain about the consequences of their actions, but in return they're granted access to more resources and support to accomplish their goals. 
  • Retired PC's (Tier 3): Adventurers that have become minor celebrities, their accomplishments and victories the stuff of legend throughout Pescaliat. Retired PC's interact directly with heads of state and the leaders of influential factions, helping to maintain peace and order while keeping tabs on rising threats throughout the region. Many veterans retire or abandon the GHG before reaching Retired PC status, but a long-term goal for Xa'kara is to establish a roster of Tier 3 adventurers that can be dispatched at a moment's notice to deal with world-shaking crises. 


Unlike more rigid organizations like the Royal Knights Brigade or The Shroud, the GHG's for-profit system means that it's less concerned about about the groups an adventurer worked for prior to joining. Double-agents and spies seeking to steal state secrets are punished appropriately under Bahamut law, but it's not unheard of for an adventurer to be connected to other factions in the region. After Kirby's resignation in the early 920's, the GHG has become more strict about its hiring practices and loyalty expected from its members, but some shady characters are still known to slip through the cracks even with the new loyalty oath inspired by the RKB.

Public Agenda

GHG adventurers are known to take a variety of jobs and wear a number of hats, but their responsibilites generally fall into several categories:
  • Hunting Monsters: traveling across the countryside and dealing with creatures threatening the stability of various villages and kingdoms
  • Assisting Communities: this can be everything from rescuing villagers from a magical disaster or taking care of refugees from a wartorn region, but many ambitious GHG adventurers start their careers as peacekeepers tending to Pescaliat's disadvantaged
  • Political Operations/Diplomacy: in rare cases GHG adventurers can be called on as neutral third parties to resolve political crises throughout the world. There's a precedent from both the RKB and Rakka's Heroes of adventurers making political decisions regarding their adventuring goals, and for the GHG to ignore this responsibility would be to forfeit one of its most consequential powers. Adventurers must be thoroughly cleared and approved by GHG's leadership before they're allowed to act in a political capacity, but once the review is complete the adventurer will have the full support and backing of their organization.


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Keep Your Friends Close and Your Bottles Closer

Founding Date
905, 4th Cycle
Guild, Adventuring
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