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Ushers of Renewal

A radical cult of dragonborn devoted to the destruction of the 4th Cycle's's status quo. Founded in the nation of Bahamut, the group has recently sought to expand its influence following the destruction of the Elflands Empire in 897 to reinstate a new order of chaos and fire.    The cult experienced several setbacks in the early 900's due to a series of attacks from the Gilded Hecat Guild and the apprehension of its most powerful cultist Balasar Norixius, but small cells have managed to survive in the shadows of Southern Pescat.


The ushers are headed (or at least inspired) by the ancient red dragon Garyx. Membership is primarily made up of red and brass dragonborn, but others who take a more metaphorical stance to the organization's fire-based philosophy are also members.


  • A passionate group of dragonborn willing to die for their cause. 


Prolific Members  

Tenets of Faith

The Code of Garyx, and its 5 Tenants: Flame is a weapon to be wielded and an entity to be emulated.
1. Consume that which is weak.
2. Purify that which is corrupt.
3. Enlighten that which is obscure.
4. Melt that which is hard.
5. Transform that which is here.
6. Burn, so that a better you and a better world can rise.

Consume That Which Is Weak

Founding Date
770, 4th Cycle
Illicit, Terrorist group
Notable Members


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