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Measurements of Time on Ekal

Ekal's calendar is split into Cycles, each cycle lasting 3,000 years. Every year has 13 months, every month has four weeks, and every day has seven days in it. The world is currently in its 4th Cycle.   The Cycle measurement of time was developed by elven historians from the Elflands Empire, seeking to make sense of the chaotic centuries that preceded their millennia of imperial dominance. The following cycles were invented to track the progression of time on Ekal:   1st Cycle: the Age of Dragons (10,000 - 7,000 years ago)
This period is defined by Dragon God-Kings reigning over continent-spanning jungles fighting against armies of yuan-ti cultists. The reason for this era's downfall remains uncertain, but the current consensus is that the dragon god-kings sacrificed their lives fighting some greater evil to ensure Ekal's survival.   2nd Cycle: the Age of Archmages (7,000 - 4,000 years ago)
This was the era of tiefling archmages from Old Myltev who monopolized study of the arcane, using the resources of half of Ekal to make incredible spellcasting breakthroughs. According to elven historians, Old Myltev's downfall came with the Ostry Apocalypse when the archmages summoned forces beyond their control with the Ostry Blade.   3rd Cycle: the Age of Elves (4,000 - 1,000 years ago)
Following the Ostry Apocalypse, a new era of elven monarchies and empires was formed to provide stability to a post-apocalyptic world. The Elflands of Southern Pescat, Kiri Clan of the Northern Territories, and the elven kingdoms of Liat divvied up the world to rule with an iron fist and ensure another Ostry Apocalypse would never come to pass. Apart from the occasional war or yuan-ti raid, this era has become fondly remembered for its centuries of stability.   4th Cycle: the Age of Disruption (1,000 years ago - Present)
Some Gamerian scholars have started calling this Cycle the 'Age of Humans', but the name has yet to catch on through all of Pescaliat. The Cycle's first millennium has already witnessed the collapse of every elven kingdom from the 3rd Cycle and the invention of countless new technologies, but a single unifying empire or culture has yet to step forward and claim the Cycle as their own.   The Pre-Cycles
Non-elven scholars have started to question the elven measurement of time on Ekal, arguing that 10,000 years is not enough time to explain all of the world's magical phenomena. Several primordial entities appear to pre-date even the oldest Dragon God-Kings, and Elflands scholars failed to establish a comprehensive timeline for Ekal's creation from the multiverse's formless void. No set number of Pre-Cycles has been established yet, but Ekal could easily be twice as old as the elves once believed.


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