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Dragon God-Kings

The Dragon God-Kings were Ekal's first emperors, ruling over much of the world's landmass in its early and chaotic years. Led by a powerful golden dragon named Timurex, these ancient dragons reigned for thousands of years before vanishing from history sometime before the start of the 2nd Cycle. Much remains a mystery about the god-kings and the society they ruled over, but a handful of facts are starting to emerge in modern times led by excavations run by organizations like Tahrir College and Chusei University:
  • A majority of the dragon god-kings came from worlds beyond Ekal, seeing the world's primordial chaos as the perfect material from which to mold an empire.
  • The dragon god-kings specialized in divine magic and methods of immortality. There's debate over whether or not the god-kings were the first to use divine magic on Ekal, but their immortal creations like the entombed soldier Lilith Dracsthik are evident to this day.
  • Almost all of the dragon god-kings were killed in a massive conflict with the yuan-ti of Sheyuan, leading to a centuries-long collapse in culture and commerce until the rise of Old Myltev nearly a millennium later. Some believe that not all the god-kings died; throughout all of Ekal they may be hiding, resting, or recovering to one day reclaim their dominion over the world.


Notable Dragon God-Kings
  • Timurex: A golden dragon who ruled over the pantheon for thousands of years. Unlike many known god-kings, Timurex was confirmed to have died in the final conflict with Sheyuan's yuan-ti. The Temeraire Mtns in Southern Pescat are named after him.
  • Miraghan: a silver dragon and god-queen of the continent of Liat she fought and eventually defeated Garyx, a red dragon god-king who betrayed the pantheon to serve evil deities aligned with the yuan-ti. No legends about Miraghan's fate have survived to the modern day.
  • Calathosk: A green dragon who ruled over much of the territory of modern-day Rakka. He appeared to be some kind of vizier/adviser to Timurex's pantheon, numerous quotes from that period attributed to him. He was theorized to have died in the final war with Sheyuan, but a recent excavation to one of his temples in Rakka's Underdark failed to provide any conclusive evidence.
  • Valisha: a blue dragon said to have had an incredible mastery over Ekal's natural magics. None of the legends mention her in the final conflict with Sheyuan, scholars theorizing that she may have been saddened by the destruction wrought by the constant warfare and refused to participate.
  • Melusine: a black dragon renowned as the best tactician and warmonger in the pantheon. The denizens of Melusine, a theocracy named after the god-queen, are quick to claim that she died the most valiant and glorious death in the final conflict with Sheyuan.
Dissolution Date
Late 1st Cycle
Geopolitical, Empire


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