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"Who said anything about oppression? I'm just saying that the world would be better off if the yuan-ti called the shots for a change," -Maris Sissava, 908, 4th Cycle
One of the oldest races in Ekal, for centuries the yuan-ti feuded with the dragonborn kingdoms and their dragon rulers in the 1st Cycle. A massive war at the 1st Cycle's end left the dragon rulers dead and the yuan-ti pushed back into the ruins of their imperial homeland in the Fuzan Mtns., forced to operate from the shadows for thousands of years. Yuan-ti have long dreamed of returning their kingdom of Sheyuan to its former glory, waging wars and political plots to unify the world under the leadership of a single yuan-ti dictatorship. Several yuan-ti have abandoned the kingdom and its imperial ambitions, but so long as Sheyuan remains enthralled by corrupt deities like Dendar and Merrshaulk the kingdom will continue its shadow campaign for global domination.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • The yuan-ti homeland of Sheyuan lays buried in the Fuzan Mtns. near the Campanel Desert, its labyrinthine network of tunnels navigable only by the yuan-ti who call it home. Here yuan-ti are trained in the arts of poison, deception, and manipulation before being sent out to infiltrate governments around the world. No nation has tried waging an all-out campaign on Sheyuan since the 2nd Cycle, granting the yuan-ti a secure haven for thousands of years.
  • Desert metropolises such as Anthep and Orem contain large populations of yuan-ti from Sheyuan, hatching plots to destabilize the ruling governments and replace them with yuan-ti sympathizers. Factionalism has plagued many yuan-ti cells, leading agents to fight among themselves more than they do the outside world.
  • A small number of yuan-ti have abandoned their cruel heritage and fled to the furthest reaches of the world to escape Sheyuan's intrigues. Kita Outpost in the Northern Territories holds dozens of yuan-ti hiding among the firbolgs and operating as researchers or tradesmen.
  • Yuan-ti sometimes find themselves alone in a big a city, planted there to expand Sheyuan's influence or fleeing to escape the homeland's indoctrination. For these yuan-ti it can be a lonely existence, which is why many of them join organizations or adventuring guilds to find a sense of community.
85 yrs.
Geographic Distribution
Proliferation: Rare   Stats/Rules: Volo's


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