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A desert metropolis located in the southwest region of the Campanel Desert. In 846 of the 4th Cycle the noble families of Despero conquered the city to exploit its vital trading routes between the northern and southern regions of Pescat. This colonization upset the local populations of thri-kreen, nomadic outlanders, and various desert tribes and races who had called the land home for centuries, but the colonial government led by the Bernadotte family has mercilessly stamped out any signs of unrest.


  • 32% Half-Elf
  • 24% Thri-Kreen
  • 12% Dragonborn
  • 7% Human
  • 5% Yuan-Ti
  • 3% Tabaxi
  • 17% Other Races


  • Colonial Quarter: the southern portions of the city where a majority of the Desperan elite reside. Newer and wealthier than other parts of Anthep, popular taverns like Cafe Sardivel and the Ruby Eye can be found here.
  • Thueban Gates: the northeast side of the city that leads straight into the heart of the Campanel Desert. Many thri-kreen and the occasional yuan-ti live in this neighborhood, hoping to avoid the colonial government's scrutiny by living on the city's periphery. 


The founding date of Anthep has been difficult to pin down, but scholars have found mention of trading posts in the area of modern-day Anthep dating back to the first millennia of the 2nd Cycle. Even with the Ostry Apocalypse and the Ageless One's creation of the Campanel Desert, the trading outpost survived and flourished into one of the most vital trading hubs between Suika and Havre.   The town existed for centuries as a merchant city-state as traders, nomads, and thri-kreen passed through its gates to escape the dangers of the of the Campanel Desert. The merchant rulers made huge profits off of taxing the pilgrims that passed through the town on their way to the holy city of Dhamma, allowing them to invest into fortifying and expanding the town's influence in the region.   Envious of this jewel of the desert, the noble families of Despero had long desired to have the town under their control. Wars with Rakka and the Elflands prevented them from pushing their kingdom's borders north, but after an extended period of peace in the mid-800's the half-elves of Despero waged a successful campaign against the merchant city-state and claimed most of the Campanel Desert's Thueban region under their control.   More than fifty years later, the colonial government has stayed in power despite murmurings of unrest from the thri-kreen and merchants who called the city home. The occasional murder or riot will have the city on edge for a week, but Despero has formed a large enough garrison in the town's central core to prevent the violence from spiraling into total chaos. Only outright anarchy in the capital would cause Despero to lose hold of the gem they've worked so hard to obtain.


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