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The ancient tower-shaped city of the Campanel Desert. The dwelling place of the Ageless One since the beginning of the 3rd Cycle, numerous worshipers make the pilgrimage here despite the desert climate and sharp fees for entering the city.


  • 33% Elven
  • 15% Thri-Kreen
  • 14% Dragonborn
  • 5% Gnomish
  • 5% Halfling
  • 5% Human
  • 1% Couatl
  • 22% Other Races


After the Ageless One banished the monstrous deities of the Ostry Apocalypse back to the Far Realms, the deity settled in the center of the Campanel Desert as a central location to oversee the rebuilding of the world. With the help of several thri-kreen and couatls, a massive tower was created in the center of the desert reaching thousands of feet into the air. Vestals and priets tended to the maintenance of the superstructure, and donations from visiting pilgrims paying their respects to the Ageless One allowed the tower to grow taller and taller.    Nearly four thousand years later, the holy city of Dhamma is now the tallest building in the world of Ekal. The world's curvature can be seen from its highest floors, and its elaborate construction of bells can be heard from hundreds of miles away. The Ageless One resides in Dhamma's highest floors, tended to by a small army of couatls flying around the city. The deity spends most of its time isolated from the outside world, but once every year it descends to the lower levels to be seen and worshiped by the visiting pilgrims.
Founding Date
003, 3rd Cycle
Location under
Owning Organization
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