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The capital city of the kingdom of Sabha. Known for its large population of political exiles from the Elflands, the city is a hotbed for political debates and reforms that have made Sabha one of the most progressive in Pescaliat.   Notable Neighborhoods
  • Center City: the wealthy heart of Sabha's capital, where the Crescent Quarter and Grand Bazaar can be found
  • Paoli Habor: the derisive nickname for the city's newly renovated ports, recently expanded by Sardivelian merchants seeking extra space for ships and cargo
  • Tawil Gates: The ancient walls of the city under whose shadow the city's lower classes reside. Despite the constant scrutiny of the city's metallic dragonborn like Jheri Heshtara, the taverns here are havens for shady deals and illicit acitives. 


  • 20% Goliath
  • 19% Halfling
  • 14% Gnomish
  • 13% Thri-kreen
  • 33% Other Races


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