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HHI Session 2: New Year, New Feuds

General Summary

At midnight on New Year's Day 908, a band of adventurers waited at the docks of Oridelfa in the kingdom of Sardivelia to meet with a mysterious man known as the Gatekeeper who promised long-term pay and employment. A ship sailed up to the docks with the name The Color of Space emblazoned on its side, Kuranes the ugly kuo-toa guiding the party into the dark interior of the ship below for a meeting with the Gatekeeper.   Cloaked in shadows with only a handful of candles alight in the room, The Gatekeeper explained how he was tired of the world's petty politics and ceaseless harassment. He wanted to find a stronghold where he could perform his experiments in peace, and he wanted the party to survey different nations on the continent of Pescat to see if any of them would prove promising as potential stronghold locations. He handed the party a list of more than half a dozen nations, explaining how the amount paid for each mission would depend on the quality of the report.   He gave each party member a 100GP advance for agreeing to the mission, and he explained that his apprentice Mavis Wren would act as the liaison between the party and the Gatekeeper during their expedition. Balasar and Mavis got into a bit of a fight over team leadership, but once everybody was paid they left the ship and headed back to the Salted Snail tavern. After reviewing the list, the party decided that they should visit Sabha first since it was highest on the Gatekeeper's list of nations to survey. Balasar set fire to the Sardivelian government office in downtown Oridelfa before calling it a night.   The next day the party stopped by the stables on the edge of town, picking up four horses for the trip to Sabha for just 150GP thanks to Mavis' skills at deception.   1/2/908
The party made it past the Sabhan border without any difficulty, but on the road they were jumped by a giant bug-like monster and a flying snake. The monster killed two of their horses, and the group was lucky to escape with their lives. When they made it to Orem the party learned that the monster was a creature known as an Ankheg, and nests of them were terrorizing the Sabhan countryside. Money could be made by anybody strong enough to clear out an ankheg nest.   1/3/908
By the end of the month's third week the party had finally made it to Orem, the majestic capital of Sabha. The horses were exhausted, and the party was ready to have a decent meal for the first time in weeks. A halfling woman named Nikki Merit gave them a tour of the city, recommending a few places of interest and warning them to avoid interfering with the nation's goliath aristocracy. Ownka and Mavis got drinks at a local tavern named Boggle's while Balasar and Ithilwen went shopping at the The Grand Bazaar.   Balasar went into a magic shop and considered purchasing a ruby that could summon a fire elemental for 1,500GP, but his fire breath went off and he accidentally burned down three market stalls. A couple of the city's dragonborn guards took Balasar in for processing, fining him 1,500GP for the destruction of property and forcing him to wear an enchanted muzzle that disabled his fire breath until the debt was paid off. Luckily for Balasar no lives were lost when his fire breath went off, and with Ithilwen's help he managed to pay off 350GP of the 1,500GP debt. He wouldn't be able to leave Sabha until the entire fine was paid off.   Back at Boggle's Balasar tried to hide his muzzle, but he was only able to keep the ruse up for a day. The party argued with each other for most of the evening over what kind of info they should get for their report to the Gatekeeper, some in the party suggesting they check the tavern's job board to supplement their income. Ithilwen took ten shots of Thornoff that night, passing out on the staircase and tossed into bed by Ownka.   Waking up with a massive hangover after a night of bad dreams and meditations, Ithilwen checked the job board and noticed a job listing about getting rid of a local official. She went to the address listed on the note, finding a ramshackle flat with boarded-up windows. The man inside wanted to speak in private about the mission and its 600GP reward, but Ithilwen said she'd wait to speak with the rest of the party before accepting the mission.   Later that morning Balasar saw the same job posting and went out to the same ramshackle building to inquire about the job. Entering the building, he spoke with a man with bandages wrapped around his hands and arms about assassinating a blowhard halfling politician named Oswalt Hogcollar. Balasar agreed to the mission and its 600GP bounty, learning that Oswalt liked to walk by the docks every evening with a guard in tow. Balasar also mentioned that his group The Ushers of Renewal could be helpful in an alliance with the man's group, and he sent out a letter to his ally Ghesh Myastan in Bahamut.   Even later that same morning, Mavis saw the job posting and visited the exact same ramshackle building. The man said that the job was already taken, so Mavis returned to the tavern to discuss the party's next course of action with the rest of the group. A long, very long, argument ensued over which mission would benefit the party most, and despite resistance from Ithilwen the party agreed to visit Tahrir College to speak with the professor-in-residence about her job listing.   That afternoon they met with Flora at her office in town, listening to her explain how she needed adventurers to obtain a magic item known as a Dowsing Rod from a hag's cottage in the hilly wilderness of Sabha. The dowsing rod would be invaluable for a future expedition she was planning to the legendary city of Thrah-Kezaam, and the party would be paid extra if they found a way to kill the hag as well. The party agreed to the mission, and after proving their mettle in a test fight with a celestial wolf summoned by Flora the party made its preparations to head out into the untamed desert.

Rewards Granted

Missions/Quests Completed

Gatekeeper Missions
Survey Sabha
  • The party has arrived in Orem, capital of Sabha

Survey Kiri , Oda , and Kawa Clans

Survey Sheyuan

Survey Broggfey

Survey Rakka

Survey Free State of Thorvald
  Side Quests
Obtain a dowsing rod for Flora from a hag's cottage in the western hills of Sabha
  • Reward: 1,000GP split among the party
  • An extra 1,000GP will be awarded if the party can kill the hag
Exterminate a nest of Ankhegs terrorizing the Sabhan countryside
  • Reward: 200GP per Ankheg head split among the party
Assassinate a halfling member of Sabha's Parliament named Oswalt Hogcollar
  • Reward: 600GP split among the assassins
  • The mysterious contractor promises future missions if the party's successful

Character(s) interacted with

  • The Gatekeeper - A mysterious man who assigned the party to survey various countries in Pescat
  • Kuranes - The Gatekeeper's kuo-toa assistant
  • Nikki Merit - a halfling woman who showed the party around Orem and offered them work with The Handgun
  • Bog and Oggle - goblin siblings serving as impressive bartenders at the tavern Boggle's
  • Flora - a former adventurer and professor-in-residence who assigned the party on a mission to deal with a hag in the wilderness
Report Date
11 Jul 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Featured Players


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