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A nation of orcs and half-orcs in the central region of southern Pescat. Created by the Treaty of Iverburg in 898, Pescaliat's orcs were given a homeland of their own in the chaotic region of the Fey Plains that they vowed to tame and settle in the decades to come.


Under Broggfey's constitution, the President can serve two seven-year terms regardless of whether they're consecutive or not. Every town of more than 1,000 people has a representative in the nation's Assembly, where laws are passed in regards to settlement and governing of the Fey Plains.


  • Thousands of orcs and half-orcs have have traveled to the newly founded nation, eager to establish a homestead of their own and time the wilderness of the Fey Plains
  • After centuries of influence from the Feywild, the Fey Plains are some of the most fertile and arable farmlands in Southern Pescat


Forged From Disaster
The Sunken God's Reign of Terror devastated dozens of cities, towns, and villages in the Elflands Empire in 897, overthrowing 4,000 years of elven rule in southern Pescat. After the the monstrous deity's defeat at the hands of the Royal Knights Brigade in the Battle of Kassaedeia, the nations of the world met together in the Glacian city of Iverburg to map out the shape of this new world, recognizing independence for some regions of the empire and allowing nations like Sardivelia and Bahamut to take control of others.   As the negotiations drew to a close, one man with a missing eye and arm stood up to vouch for the need of an autonomous orcish nation-state.   Sensing the opposition, Brogg explained why orcs were ready to govern a nation of their own. Luthic, orc goddess of fertility and the hearth, was a stabilizing force in orcish society that challenged her worshipers to live more civilized lives of hard work and self-improvement. Under the guidance of such a powerful deity, the orcs would accomplish what no other nation could in two thousand years: tame the Fey Plains and create a safe trade route for merchants moving from west-coast Pescat to the east. This proposition shocked the negotiators, many of whom hadn't even considered putting the Fey Plains on the table. Created in a failed experiment in a war between the Elflands and tiefling-controlled Rakka, for centuries the region was seen as nothing more than a dangerous no-man's-land where monsters from the Feywild terrorized those foolish enough to enter its borders. Settling such a chaotic land was a fool's errand, which perhaps explains why the other nations agreed to give the orcs control over the Fey Plains and its eastern border known as the Iron Path.   With the city of Thork as its capital, the newly founded nation of Broggfey set about a generations-long campaign to subdue the Fey Plains and turn it into the most fruitful lands in Pescaliat. Brogg the Accuser, old and weary from years of fighting the Elflands Empire, handpicked his political apprentice Nagrette the Victorious to lead the newly-founded nation and craft its constitution. One of the founding laws granted 50 acres to every orc family willing to establish a farm in the Fey Plains, both tempting and rewarding to those willing to take the risk. Orcs from all over Pescaliat, disenfranchised and abused by world governments, immigrated en masse to Broggfey in the hopes of a better life and land to call their own. by the end of the first decade of the 4th Cycle's tenth century, Broggfey's population had increased by more than 200% as thousands of orcs traveled into the Fey Plains. Many would fail and many would find wild success, but the process of settling this wild and mysterious region would take decades to complete.   The Fey Plains fought back, with some villages fighting against hordes of fey creatures or vanishing overnight. Nagrette's successor Hrathy the Unexpected hired a handful of adventurers from the Gilded Hecat Guild known as the Redscale Rumblers to deal with the disappearances in 918, delving deep into the Feywild to disrupt the machinations of some archfey entities like the Queen of Lost Things. The Rumblers' victories provided Broggfey with some much-needed stability in the 920's, allowing Broggfey to pave its own way in the modern world and find useful ways to implement fey powers.

Demography and Population

  • 64% Orc
  • 25% Half-Orc
  • 11% Other Races


Presidents of Broggfey

By Luthic's Hearth

Founding Date
898, 4th Cycle
Geopolitical, Republic
Predecessor Organization
Official State Religion
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members


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