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Royal Knights Brigade

The legendary adventuring group working in service of the kingdom of Gameth. Over the decades the RKB has fought countless monsters and agents of chaos, like Fairouz the Undying and the Sunken God.


The department head of the Royal Knights Brigade reviews intelligence from Gameth's defense ministry to determine rising threats to the kingdom that should be handled by the RKB. The king or queen of Gameth reserves the authority to override the department head's decisions and will sometimes task the adventurers with assignments directly.


After several betrayals and the revelations of dual loyalty, former RKB alum Roland Fireheart drafted an oath that all RKB adventurers must swear in order to serve in the prestigious organization.    The oath reads as follow:
"By Erivo blessing, I am a knight in the service of Gameth./
By the Queen's grace, I serve to defend Gameth and its allies./
By my role as knight, I will slay all undead and aberrations./
By risk of my livelihood, I will have no other masters before the Queen./
As Erivo was forged from the Ageless to defend Liat, so I am forged by the Queen to defend the this kingdom."
Those who fail to follow its tents will be faced with extreme punishments and may even be banished from the group altogether.

Public Agenda

To fight for and defend the nation of Gameth, no matter the quest.


  • Many of the most powerful spellcasters and fighters in all of Gameth
  • Financial and political support from the Gamerian government


Founded in Uncertain Times

In the year 873, Gameth was threatened by an expansionist neighbor to its east and monsters ravaging the countryside. Amidst this chaos, the Gamerian defense minister Fallworth Lockmere took matters into his own hands and formed a band of adventurers to combat these threats.The group consisted of a paladin with a tragic past, a druid searching for her missing sister, and a driftless ranger looking for a good time. Together they managed to fight back the Court of the Undying and put Queen Astrid on the throne of Gameth.   The RKB's membership changed with the years, but usually a team of three to five adventurers would travel the countryside or beyond to fight foes like Fairouz's Coven or Avicennan forces. One of the group's crowning achievements came in 876 during the Battle of Faouzia when they prevented the lich Fairouz the Undying from summoning a monstrous deity known as the Orange King to the material plane. The battle cemented the group's status as a vital part of the kingdom's military, restoring its reputation after a couple years of unsuccessful missions and a dalliance with a thieves guild known as The Handgun.

Changing Threats, Changing Heroes

For much of the group's history the rules surrounding RKB membership are less than formal, allowing for an odd assortment of characters to join and leave of their own free will. One ironclad rule, the Aldo Amendment, forbids members of the RKB from taking monetary or material gifts from foreign governments or factions. In its 24-year history, the rule has only been broken twice.   In the late 890's the RKB's greatest challenge came in the form of the Sunken God, a monstrous deity terrorizing the Elflands with ambitions of conquering all of Ekal. The group's main adventuring party traveled to the Free State of Thorvald to obtain an item that could defeat the Sunken God, and together they ventured towards Kassadeia to defeat it once and for all. Many adventurers lost their lives during the journey, including son of Catriona Cereus Quinn-Malum and several members of the crew escorting the RKB to the Elflands. Finally, in the winter of 897 the party arrived in the ruins of Kassadeia and defeated the Sunken God in a battle of epic proportions, containing the monstrous deity inside an Iron Flask obtained in Thorvald's capital of Grettir.  

The Helena Years

With the defeat of the Sunken God the Royal Knights Brigade became international celebrities, lauded as Pescaliat's greatest heroes. Many nations raced to form adventuring groups of their own, and Gameth became a leading global power for chartering and supporting the RKB during their quest against the Sunken God.   Helena Lockmere, a studious bard and former member who journey with the RKB on their mission to the Elflands, used her experience gained out in the field to promoted as the next director of the organization's operations. Seeking to modernize the system, she purchased the Thousand Faces tavern in Gameria and turned it into the headquarters for the Royal Knights Brigade's active-duty and reserve forces. Veteran heroes like Beleren Hazid and Kacie Whately worked to train a new generation of fighters and adventurers, and being only a few blocks away from the Astral Palace meant that RKB members would always be available for Gameth's rulers. Nearly a decade after first taking office, Helena's RKB was a formidable organization with more than three dozen active-duty adventurers.      

RKB Department Leaders

  1. Fallworth Lockmere (873 - 893)
  2. Renault Longmire (893 - 899)
  3. Helena Lockmere (899 - Present)

RKB Members, Past and Present

They Call As They Beckon You On, They Say Start As You Mean To Go On

Founding Date
Adventuring Party
Alternative Names
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories

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