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Renault Longmire

Current department head of the agency that oversees the Royal Knights Brigade. A longtime ally of Roland Fireheart, he obtained the position based solely on his personal connections. After Helena Lockmere replaced him as the new director of the RKB he transferred north to Hakon to oversee training and recruitment operations for Gameth's military.

When the city of Watchtower was almost destroyed in the summer of 908 by cultists, he defended Roland's old order of paladins from accusations of incompetence and neglect. Some in Queen Astrid's government wanted to see the paladins stripped of their political power in the city, but Renault ensured that they survived the backlash and continued to serve as the local defenders of the town.
Current Location
Year of Birth
843 75 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization

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