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"I very much believe I'll live to see the day when humans have a foothold into every corner of the world." -Paoli Piedmonte, 881, 4th Cycle
Adaptable and ambitious, ever since the dawn of the 4th Cycle humans have rapidly expanded their influence on the world stage. Human kingdoms like Gameth and Sardivelia are now some of the most prosperous kingdoms in Pescaliat, and in the Northern Territories regional power has now shifted towards several human-led nations. Many saw the collapse of the Elflands Empire in 897 as the end of the Age of Elves, leading some to speculate that the Age of Humans is about to dawn.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • Every nation on the continent of Liat is predominantly human: Gameth, Avicenna, Sardivelia, and Myltev all have populations that are more than two-thirds human. Compared to the sheer diversity of life on Pescat, centuries of warfare against non-human races have turned Liat into a genetically homogeneous continent.
  • The Northern Territories holds the second-largest population of humans in Pescaliat, with the human nations of Kawa Clan and Oda Clan ruling over wide swaths of the region. With the defeat of the elven Kiri Clan in 876 of the 4th Cycle, the human kingdoms now have unprecedented sway over regional politics.
  • Humans are sparser in Southern Pescat, but their presence is growing after the merchant kingdom of Sardivelia acquired several territories previously owned by the Elflands Empire. In the kingdom of Glace humans share power with the nation's elf and dwarven populations.
  • The only major human outpost in the Campanel Desert is the Sardivelian port town of Renzi, with the dragonborn Lotan Conservation to its north and the multiracial Sabha to its south.
Genetic Descendants
85 yrs.
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