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A Sardivelian trading post in the Campanel Desert on the Karaga Sea. Many pilgrims start their journey to the Holy City of Dhamma here.


  • 72% Human
  • 9% Thri-kreen
  • 6% Elven/Half-Elf
  • 5% Gnomes
  • 4% Kuo-Toa/Bullywug
  • 4% Other Races


When Sardivelia's founder The Dandolo was looking for locations to establish trading posts in Pescat, many balked at the idea of establishing Renzi on a lifeless stretch of the Campanel Desert in 526. But hearing horror stories of pilgrims trekking hundreds of miles through the Desert from the cities of Anthep and Orem, the insightful Dandolo knew that a settlement providing safe and speedy passage to Dhamma would pay dividends to whoever built it. In the end his visionary thinking paid off in the end as the town became a vital stop for pilgrims traveling to and from the ancient town of Dhamma.   While Sardivelian society is typically secular and materialistic, Renzi stands out in the kingdom for its piety. The city has more temples per capita than anywhere else in Sardivelia, and many nobles escaping deadly intrigues have found refuge as priests and priestesses in Renzi.


Every year Renzi hosts tens of thousands of pilgrims seeking passage to the Holy City of Dhamma and its host deity The Ageless One. Taverns and inns accommodate the hordes of thirsty travelers, bands of thri-kreen guide groups through the Campanel Desert, and merchants hawk questionable relics and magic items to protect pilgrims on their journey. People make the journey to Dhamma at all times of the year, but springtime is the busiest season as thousands seek to celebrate Ageless One Festival Day in the presence of their patron deity.
Founding Date
526, 4th Cycle
Trade post
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