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HHI Session 7: Ankheg Hunting

General Summary

Having settled into the Sardivelian city of Renzi, the Seeking Scorpions decided to trek into the Campanel Desert for a few days to hunt down a nest of ankhegs. The job board at the local tavern said adventurers would be rewarded 200GP per ankheg head, and the party wasn't ready to get into proper trouble with Sardivelian authorities just yet. But just for good measure, Balasar incinerated a couple of parade floats being prepared for Paoli Piedmonte's visit to the city, emblazoning the scene of the crime with the The Ushers of Renewal's insignia of a dragon's eye surrounded by flames.    Thanks to Ithilwen's excellent tracking skills, the party managed to find an ankheg nest after just two days of trekking through the desert. A dark tunnel burrowed deep beneath the desert sands hid an untold number of ankhegs, and Ownka attempted to set up a trap to lure the monsters out to the surface. After several hours of waiting, the party agreed that if they wanted to hunt down any ankhegs they'd have to do it in the tunnels below. Mavis kept a torch aflame to guide her and Balasar into the nest, Ithilwen and Ownka leading in the front with their darkvision.    Descending for over half an hour, the party discovered claw marks on the dark obsidian walls of the tunnel but no sign of ankhegs. It wasn't until they took a left turn into a small chamber that the party found themselves surrounded by several ankheg hatchlings. The group had inadvertently stumbled into an ankheg nursery, but the young monsters were quickly dispatched by the group's spells and weapons. Ownka set up a hunting trap in the tunnel they entered through in case any ankhegs showed up while Mavis and Balasar explored the chambers. Balasar was in awe to discover several ancient statues jutting out from the obsidian floor, relics from the long-lost dragonborn kingdoms that ruled over Pescaliat thousands of years ago. The exploration was put on hold when a full-grown ankheg stumbled into Ownka's trap, but after being quickly dispatched the party continued its descent into the tunnels below.    The ankheg tunnel stretched deep into the earth, small alcoves branching out from the main tunnel where adult ankhegs slept and ate. After what felt like more than an hour the party finally entered a large room, the stone slabs and walls revealing more of the dragonborn castle that the ankheg nest was built on. A worn-down metal throne stood at the end of the grand hall, and Balasar noticed a phrase in old Draconic scrawled on the walls: "Let all who enter be valiant heroes,". Before the party could investigate further, a new batch of ankheg hatchlings crawled out of the shadows of the grand hall and started attacking.    Ithilwen fended off several of the monsters, but the battle's difficulty ratcheted up a notch when a hideous aberration appeared from an alcove near the ancient throne. A floating brain draped in a bird beak and tentacles rushed towards Ithilwen and Ownka, paralyzing the latter and nearly knocking out Ithilwen in a couple rounds. Balasar's 'Chaos Bolt' managed to incinerate the grell before it caused any further damage, and with Mavis' 'Eldritch Blast' the remaining ankhegs were killed without any difficulty.    In all, the party collected seven ankheg heads and the charred beak of the grell that had attacked them. Pleased with their bounty, the party gave a final once-over of the grand hall before leaving the nest behind. Balasar found a coal-like stone tucked away in an alcove near the throne, glowing a warm red color and burning hot to the touch. Picking the stone up with his blacksmith tongs, he followed the rest of the party out into the desert as they set up camp for the night many miles away from the nest.

Rewards Granted

Report Date
16 Aug 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Featured Players

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