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HHI Session 8: A Baby?!

General Summary

  Camped around a fire for the evening, Balasar tossed the glowing rock he'd been carrying into the fire to see what would happen. The rock glowed brighter and expanded in all directions, suddenly exploding with a burst of flames. Mavis took the brunt of it, and resting in the flames stood a toddler-sized fire elemental. Smiling with a jack-o-lantern grin, it started crawling towards Balasar and singing the sorcerer's robes.    It took several minutes of painful burns to get the baby fire elemental to stop hurting Balasar, and with Mavis' 'Comprehend Languages' spell the group was able to have limited conversation with the baby. Ownka thought about killing the creature, but one look at the elemental's cherubic face forced her to reconsider. The party agreed to make the magmin stay out in the desert for a couple days while the party found a safer means of conveying the fire elemental in Renzi. The baby trusted the group wholeheartedly, and they made quick progress back to Renzi to collect their earnings on the ankheg heads.    Mavis updated The Gatekeeper on their desert adventurer, and The Gatekeeper was very intrigued by the discovery of the fire elemental. As a collector of rare creatures, he offered to compensate the party if they handed over the magmin to his assistant Kuranes sometime in Renzi. The party unanimously agreed that the magmin was more trouble than it was worth, so they agreed to the deal.    3/1/908
Celebrations were well underway back in Renzi, the entire city decked out in bunting and banners celebrating the visit of Paoli Piedmonte. Ownka collected 1,400GP for the ankheg heads while Mavis found a fantastic (and expensive) brass pot the group could use to carry the magmin. Back at Botticelli's Mavis and Balasar argued over payment for the ankheg bounty, Ownka sitting back and enjoying the little squabble.    With the new brass pot in tow, the Seeking Scorpions made their way back out into the Campanel Desert to pick up the baby magmin. Ithilwen's hunting skills were put to good use as the group trekked across several miles of sand dunes, but eventually they found the baby elemental crying at the top of a sand dune. It complained about dangerous monsters in the area, and just at that moment a giant ankheg burst out of the ground and started attacking the party. Mavis was knocked out in a matter of seconds and Ownka's sturdy armor kept her in the fight long enough to land a few blows before falling unconscious as well. For a moment Ithilwen was stunned by the giant ankheg's hypnotic gaze, leaving Balasar to deal most of the damage as his wild magic surged in unpredictable ways. After Ithilwen fired off a devastating longbow shot at the giant ankheg, she rushed over to where the baby magmin lay half-covered by the pot in the sand. An ankheg hatchling was terrorizing the baby elemental, but the magmin proved to put up quite a fight and nearly incinerated the monster with a single touch. Balasar's Scorching Rays delivered the killing blow to the giant ankheg, and after Ithilwen dispatched with the remaining ankheg she rushed over to revive Mavis and Ownka (both of which were failing death saves fast). With the baby elemental secure inside the brass pot, the party quickly rushed out of the desert and back to the city of Renzi.    Back in town the party made an additional 400GP for the two ankheg heads, Balasar getting a discount at a local bookstore for presenting the shopkeeper with the giant ankheg's antenna. With Mavis following close behind, Ownka went down to the docks to show off the ankheg heads to some orcish sailors and win them over to Gruumsh's cult. The sailors were impressed with the bounty, but they disapproved of Ownka's advocacy for a banned deity. Dejected, the two adventurers made their way back to Botticelli's for a night of drinking.  Meanwhile Ithilwen was having coffee with an old friend from the Elflands, Thalion. The elven man explained how after Ithilwen left the Elflands he started working on a government program known as 'Operation Curtain Call' to rescue elves from all over Pescaliat and relocate them back to the Elflands. He was being assigned to the Northern Territories to help elven refugees fleeing Oda Clan's invasion of the Kiri Clan, and he invited Ithilwen to join him in rescuing people from the siege of Younashi. Ithilwen demurred, offering vague responses to Thalion's questions about her new line of work. Upset by his old friend's lifestyle, he left the cafe and continued his journey into the Northern Territories.    Back at the tavern Mavis flirted with Priscilla Cosimo while Ownka asked Balasar about The Ushers of Renewal, drinks worked through at a brisk pace. Checking through the job board one more time, the party agreed to meet with the blue dragonborn from the Lotan Conservation to hunt down some poachers. The mission promised to pay well, and it would get them closer to the Northern Territories where Maris Sissava had told the group to rescue some of her yuan-ti agents.

Rewards Granted

  • The party received 1,400GP for collecting seven ankheg heads
  • The party received 400GP for collecting an additional two ankheg heads
  • A baby magmin joined the party

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
23 Aug 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Featured Players

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