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A legendary thri-kreen city buried beneath the Campanel Desert. For thousands of years the city's true location has remained a mystery, despite numerous expeditions attempting to discover it. Legends tell of a city glistening in gold and metal with countless thri-kreen bustling through its massive streets.


According to legend, Thrah-Kezaam was built over the course of centuries from the remnants of fallen empires. The death of a Dragon God-King or Old Myltevian archmage would provide the city's thri-kreen with plenty of material to expand their metropolis, burrowing deeper and deeper underground far from the intrigues of the world above. Allegedly Thrah-Kezaam is buried so deep that it survived the Ageless One's Banishing Smite completely unscathed, while the ground above it was razed and melded into the Campanel Desert.   Many expeditions have failed to locate this mythic city, most recently with journeys organized by the veteran adventurer Flora. In the 920's she started leading surveying the Khatir region of the Campanel Desert, hoping to triangulate Thrah-Kezaam's location and eventually begin a large-scale excavation. Interviews with thri-kreen native to the region have proven fruitless, none willing (or perhaps able) to share the whereabouts of their legendary city.
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