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A human cleric and devotee of the goddess Erivo. One of the heroes who helped defeat the Sunken God in 897, she retired from the adventuring life to become a scholar-in-residence at Tahrir College. She used to be an aasimar, but after a 'Reincarnate' spell scroll was used on her she became a thri-kreen. And after undergoing an experimental ritual by the wizard Filip Vikander, she turned into a human a couple months later.

Physical Description

Body Features

  • Aged 20 years after a run-in with a ghost's horrifying visage in Kassædeia in 897.

Special abilities

  • Cleric, Domain of Life

Mental characteristics

Personal history

With unrest and occult activity on the rise in Pescat, in 896 Queen Astrid met with High Priestess Alma of the Temple of Erivo to discuss defensive measures against such dark forces. The two of them agreed that a miracle like the one performed in the hills of Gameth in 874 during the Fairouz Terror would be needed to reaffirm Erivo’s power on the continent of Liat and beyond.   Thus Flora was created in a ritual that took three days to complete and more than a dozen clerics to perform. Flora appeared as a fully-grown aasimar woman with the powers of an angel, tasked by Alma and Queen Astrid to defend Gameth and the Temple of Erivo from the forces of evil.   For months she was trained in the tenets of the faith and how to fight undead, rarely exposed to the outside world. When the Royal Knights Brigade returned to Gameria at the start of 897, Adam Divisav's retirement provided an opening for Flora to join the RKB and assist them on their campaign to defeat the Sunken God. Exposed to life beyond the temple walls, Flora learned about how people operated in the real world and picked up some vices like gambling. Observing the value people had for gold and valuable items, she began to charge her allies for every use of her resurrection spells like 'Revivify'. To date she has resurrected the sailor Murray, Helena Lockmere, Jax, Cereus Diviciacus Quinn-Malum, and Kacie Whately thanks to the powers of Erivo.

Flora in Thri-Kreen form (897, 4th Cycle)
Her adventures with the RKB were marked by a series of challenges to her faith, from near death during the Gleb Invasion to reincarnating as a thri-kreen after the Trials of Grettir. She fought in several battles in cities like Noggin and Poroshenko, and on a return visit to Filip Vikander's Lighthouse she underwent an experimental transformation into a human. Having lived as three different races in just a handful of months, there were parts of her aasimar and thri-kreen forms that she would miss in years ahead.   Flora fought valiantly in the Battle of Kassadeia against the Sunken God in the winter of 897, healing the party from the vicious attacks of the monstrous deity's sahuagin horde and resurrecting Kacie after the battle's end. While many of her fellow adventurers continued working for the RKB, Flora traveled to Tahrir College in the Sabhan city of Orem to research the location of the legendary thri-kreen city of Thrah-Kezaam. Disregarded as a myth by many archaeologists, Flora believed that her months as a thri-kreen would enable her to make breakthroughs in discovering the ancient city.   In 908 a band of adventurers as the Seeking Scorpions helped her procure a dowsing rod that would help guide the party towards Thrah-Kezaam. In the 910's she recruited the Gamerian wizard Ozma Vauxhall to assist in her research efforts, gearing up for a major expedition trough the Campanel Desert by the decade's end.


  • Adventurer, Royal Knights Brigade (897)
  • Scholar-in-residence, Tahrir College (898 - Present)

A woman that was made by Erivo.

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Lawful Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
896 39 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Summoned into existence by High Priestess Alma and Queen Astrid
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations