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DW Session 31: The Gleb Invasion

General Summary

  • The party makes its way over to the island where Filip Vikander’s lighthouse is supposed to be
  • Helena says that he can make a scroll of 'Reincarnate' for them to help in future encounters
  • One night, the party awakens after a night of bad dreams to the sight of Murray’s decapitated head on the main floor of the ship
  • Gregory says he found it that way after ending his evening watch on the crow’s nest
  • Flora’s dismayed, this was the man she helped bring back to life with Astrid after the Battle of Chernenko
  • Beleren goes into full detective mode, interrogating everybody aboard to see if any of them would have been up and about at night
  • Finnegan, the chef Cereus has been hanging out with, says that he’s been noticing Simon going around in the middle of the night to pilfer food from his pantry
  • Cpt. Cordray says that she’s not sure who’d be responsible, mentions that Gregory and Colin have been recovering fine since they were found unconscious aboard The Ildred
  • Cereus and Flora stay above deck while Jax and Beleren go into the crew’s quarters to interrogate the crew
  • Beleren gives Simon the third degree, asking why he’s so hungry all the time and eating Finnegan’s supplies
  • Simon gets irritated and combative, says he really wants to leave and have breakfast
  • Jax and Flora try to calm him down, Simon eventually admits why he’s so antsy
  • He’s a werebear, and if he doesn’t eat soon he won’t be able to control his bear shape
  • Beleren, satisfied, lets Simon leave for the mess hall while he turns his attention to Colin and Gregory
  • Suddenly, a massive rumbling reverberates across the ship
  • It’s Gleb, riding on the back of a dragon turtle with a pack of sahuagin and banderhobbs
  • The Gleb Invasion has begun, and Flora and Cereus are the only ones abovedeck to deal with him
  • They get KO’d immediately, and they both narrowly escape failing three death saves
  • Below deck Jax and Beleren have to deal with the Deep Scion forms of Colin and Gregory, Jax dispatches both of them after a couple of rounds
  • Beleren rushes into the mess hall to help the rest of the crew as they get attacked on all sides by packs of sahuagin
  • Russel gets devoured by flying piranhas when one sahuagin casts 'Spirit Guardians'
  • Beleren also rushes into the captain’s quarters to get Helena and the cleric Mallory to help in the fight
  • Jax finally makes it above deck with Simon, Kacie, and Margaret helping him fight Gleb
  • Helena comes up too and helps revive Flora with a healing word
  • Mallory also does some reviving, but it’s Cereus’ 'Mass Cure Wounds' that really saves the ship from certain destruction
  • This gives everybody onboard a second wind to defeat the banderhobbs and sahuagin
  • One banderhobb, unfortunately, swallows Mallory whole and kills her in seconds
  • Jax goes toe-to-toe with Gleb, and while he gets stunned by Gleb’s psychic powers he manages to avoid getting his brain eaten
  • Margaret and Kacie also help land some blows on Gleb
  • Finally, Flora deals the killing blow to Gleb with a well-placed 'Harm' spell
  • Gleb’s psychic power defeated, Largo the dragon turtles thanks them for saving him from the mental enslavement.
  • Flora speaks to him using Tongues, Largas decides to forego the usual toll sailors are expected to pay for crossing paths with him
  • He even gifts Flora with a foot-long toenail in return for rescuing him from Gleb’s clutches
  • The party spends the rest of the day mourning the fallen and repairing the ship after the battle
  • Margaret and Jax have a heart-to-heart as they look over the carnage
  • Five crew members of the Castellan II died on the day of the Gleb Invasion, but those who survived became valuable members of the party
  • Christopher, a gambling fighter with remarkable archery skills
  • Kacie, an ambitious fighter and scout who gets straight to the point
  • Helena, a book-loving bard with aspirations of one day leading the Royal Knights Brigade
  • Margaret, a classic fighter/champion who’s down for a good fight so long as it doesn’t involve the undead
  • Simon, a gung-ho barbarian with a werebear curse that he struggles to control
Report Date
21 Mar 2020
Primary Location


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