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Jezean Hestheroth


A female red dragonborn and leader of the nation of Bahamut, 898 - 923. She became a national icon during her fierce negotiations for the Treaty of Iverburg in 898, winning election as the new leader of Bahamut later that fall. Believing that her kingdom should play a larger role in global politics, she forged alliances with Broggfey and Rakka to make Bahamut a vital gear in Southern Pescat's economy. She chartered the creation of the Gilded Hecat Guild for adventurers, and the nation's capital of Dhyrlonis has more than doubled in size during her administration.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jezean came from a minor noble family in Bahamut with little influence on the council. The Heshteroths could trace their lineage back for centuries in the remote mountains near the Verschow, but without any claims to rich mines or industries they were left out of the aristocratic council's most influential rulings. Frustrated by her family's complacency with their role in the aristocracy, Jezean studied abroad at Scherazad Academy in Rakka to hone her diplomatic and political skills. By the time she graduated in the early 880's she was given a choice job at Bahamut's embassy in the Elflands Empire capital of Kassædeia.   Most appointees to the job took it as an opportunity to network and gain some diplomatic experience, but within months of taking the job Jezean chose to use her role to stir the pot in Elflands society. At a gala hosted by Elflands Emperor Polonius III for the capital's foreign ambassadors, she shocked the diplomatic elite by asking the Emperor to issue a formal apology for the mistreatment of orcs and dragonborn during the Sixth Elflands-Rakkan War of the 740's. Using these soldiers as cannon fodder against invading tiefling armies, the war had devastated the Empire's minority populations. The aging ruler, stunned by the audacity of the young diplomat, left the party without a word to hold an emergency meeting with his royal council. The following morning the Elflands Empire ordered debilitating sanctions against Bahamut and threatened war with the dragonborn nation if Jezean wasn't punished.   It took months of careful negotiations to defuse the situation, but Jezean had already defined herself as a fearsome political force bold enough to stand up to world leaders. Bahamut's aristocratic council wanted to have the young diplomat fired and banished from the kingdom, but the council members felt pressure to pardon her from lower-class dragonborn who saw Jezean as a national hero and future leader. The council agreed to keep Jezean in the diplomatic corps, shuffling her around before reassignment to a thankless job as undersecretary at Bahamut's consulate in the Rakkan capital of Bahamut.   For years Jezean was forced to organize storage rooms and file meeting transcripts away from the nation's ruling elite, leaving her with plenty of time to scheme and plan her future career. In her free time she would meet with her contemporaries and fellow alumni from Scherazad Academy like Sammal Najjar and Astara Hadad, discussing politics in Southern Pescat. Sammal and Jezean both agreed that a change in the global order would be needed after Polonius' death.   It was here that Jezean met her future husband, a blue tiefling named Mantus Halabi who she married in 890.

As Jezean predicted, the Elflands Empire plunged into chaos after Polonius III's death in 896 as the Characters revolution spread from city to city. What she failed to anticipate was the arrival of a monstrous deity known as the Sunken God on New Year's Day 897, whose reign of terror killed hundreds of thousands of elves until being defeated by a group of adventurers known as the Royal Knights Brigade. A 4,000-year-old empire had collapsed in a matter of months, and in the wreckage the surviving nations would meet together to create a post-Elflands world order in Southern Pescat. Jezean was disappointed to see that the revolutions failed to reach their full potential, but she became intrigued by the RKB's decisive fight against the Sunken God and the role adventurers could play in geopolitics.   By the time world leaders met together in 898 to draft the Treaty of Iverburg, Jezean's political career had recovered from her confrontation with Polonius and she was chosen to lead the Bahamut delegation at the treaty's negotiations. Through a friend of a friend from Scherazad, Jezean became the recipient of the Bahamut political family's goodwill and connections. A powerful clan of political leaders and industrialists, the family had been kept out of power for several years after a campaign scandal forced Varys Bahamut to resign in 886. Jezean's nationalistic ideology and popularity among the kingdom's lower classes gave her a strong platform to run on, and with the family's support she'd have the resources to run an effective campaign for president.   Jezean's bold style of diplomacy won her allies and enemies alike, forming a diplomatic coalition against the human kingdoms of Sardivelia and Gameth. Jezean ensured that minority races like dragonborn, orcs, and tieflings all got a chance to voice their concerns, helping to ensure the creation of the orcish state of Broggfey in the former Empire's northwest. She also negotiated the annexation of wide tracts of imperial territory to Bahamut, most notably the mining town of Estrival with its one-of-a-kind drake hatcheries. By the time of the Treaty's signing that spring, Jezean had become the face of a new Bahamut ready to play a larger role on the global stage. She returned to Bahamut's capital of Dhyrlonis a national hero, paraded down the main square before announcing her bid for president in the fall of that year.   Bahamut's elections were decided every five years by representatives from each of the kingdom's aristocratic families, making this the greatest challenge of Jezean's career to date. Despite amassing a devoted following from the nation's lower classes, many nobles still saw her as a young upstart who didn't know when to keep her mouth shut. Her foreign-born husband also caused a scandal among the council's more conservative members, but Mantus proved to be an effective surrogate for his wife's energetic campaign rallies. Donations from the Bahamut noble family kept her campaign flush with funds, and in the end she eked out a win against the incumbent Saladin Vercin. Jezean would be Bahamut's sixth president and its first female ruler since Faridah Bahamut   Presidential Years Jezean had several goals to accomplish as Bahamut's president: annex an oceanside port for the kingdom, create an effective state-sponsored adventuring guild, and increase the political power of the nation's lower classes. The Desperan town of Ovid proved the most tempting target for this goal, but Jezean was unable to find a way to claim the city for her homeland. A newly reunified Rakka following the Treaty of Iverburg had stronger claims to the town after several wars with Despero, a long-standing conflict that the newly-elected leader chose to abstain from given Bahamut's close alliance with Rakka.   The second goal proved much more successful, chartering the creation of the kingdom's first adventuring guild in 905. With help from local favorite son Kirby, the Gilded Hecat Guild became a regional powerhouse of adventurers the world over to deal with the monsters plaguing Southern Pescat. The group had its biggest breakthrough defeating the terrorist group known as the Ushers of Renewal in the middle of her third term, and with generous subsidies from the Bahamut government the GHG has managed to expand its base of operations and recruit a new generation of heroes.   Finally, Jezean oversaw a total reshaping of the kingdom's politics by extending the right to vote to Bahamut's lower classes. Thousands of dragonborn had been labeled clanless over the years, especially after the Sixth Elflands-Rakkan War where entire tribes were destroyed fending off the tiefling invaders. Larger more established clans were able to weather these conflicts and expand their influence, leading to a huge imbalance of power within Bahamut society. A raft of reforms passed in her first term provided the clanless with a way to shape the direction of their homeland, and it gave Jezean a reliable base of supporters in future elections. While not directly stated in the reforms, the law did allow for non-dragonborn races to vote in Bahamut elections so long as they could trace their lineage back a minimum of three generations.   Coasting to reelection 918, in 923 her chosen successor Thaalthis Zrahashi was elected as the newest leader of Bahamut to carry on Jezean's legacy. She disappeared from Dhyrlonis not long after leaving office, spotted throughout Southern Pescat meeting with local officals and adventurers.
Year of Birth
861 74 Years old
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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