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Capital of the dragonborn kingdom of Bahamut. Small in comparison to other world capitals, the town is surrounded by several large mining operations that plunge dozens of miles into the Underdark beneath the Bahamut Mtns.    The city became a boomtown early in the 4th Cycle's tenth century, the establishment of the Gilded Hecat Guild attracted a wave of adventurers and businesses eager to get some of the loot being thrown around. The boom times ended after the GHG suffered a series of scandals in the 920's, but the city has continued to grow at a steady pace over the last few years. A railroad line was built connecting Dhyrlonis to the Sardivelian capital of Silvio, and work is underway to complete a similar line towards Rakka's Delmascar.   Neighborhoods of Dhyrlonis
  • Darys Square: The oldest part of the city, the town square was created by magistrates from the Elflands Empire thousands of years ago before Bahamut gained its independence. Bahamut's capitol building, GHG HQ, and several other important organizations have offices here while the city's wealthy live in the surrounding neighborhoods. 
  • Mudtown: Suffering from a housing shortage in its boom years, the forests west and northwest of the city were chopped down and turned into cheap tenements for the burgeoning population. Some of these neighborhoods have been refurbished and turned into more stable housing, but many of these buildings continue to be unsafe and prone to collapse during the region's rainy season. 


  • 39% Red Dragonborn
  • 31% Green Dragonborn
  • 14% Metallic Dragonborn
  • 16% Other Races


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