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A mining town bordering the northern reaches of the Bahamut Mtns.. This town holds the highest concentration of elves after Kassadeia and the Golden Forests, but there is still a large population of dragonborn who failed to escape after the Bahamut independence war of the 760’s. After the Treaty of Iverburg in 898 the town came under the control of the dragonborn nation of Bahamut.


  • 75% Dragonborn
  • 14% Elven
  • 2% Kobold
  • 9% Other Races


Estrival was one of the first settlements established by the Elflands to fund its imperial ambitions across southern Pescat. Its vast metal deposits helped create most of the Empire's armor and weaponry, but Estrival's most valuable resource revealed itself years later: dragons. Long thought extinct save for the dragonborn of the world's mountain ranges, small dragon eggs were found deep within Estrival's mines that hatched all kinds of chromatic and metallic dragons. A dragon hatchery was founded along with a special military branch to train elven soldiers to tame and ride them.   The program had some successes early on against the tieflings of Rakka, but as some of the dragons grew larger and larger they became more and more uncontrollable. Some like Desdemona the White Dragon and Gloucester the Blue Dragon terrorized the Elflands for years before they were sent into exile, others like Cassius the Gold Dragon escaped the borders of Pescaliat and flew to far-off continents like Rana.   The hatcheries stayed open in Estrival despite such setbacks, but a new measure was adopted to euthanize any dragons before they reached adulthood. Young dragons, while not as powerful as their adult counterparts, proved effective in tamping down urban revolts with a well-placed breath attack.   Estrival remained mostly untouched by the Character Revolution of 896, but after the New Year's Massacre of 897 it became a refugee zone for high elves thinking the town's dragons would defend them from the Sunken God's sahuagin horde. Its population of a few thousand residents was unable to accommodate tens of thousands of refugees, but the dragons did prove useful in repelling several sahuagin attacks in the summer of 897. After the Treaty of Iverburg in 898 granted Bahamut's dragonborn control of the town, many of the region's elves retreated to Henriad and the Golden Forests. After much debate among Bahamut's leaders, the nation decided to continue the town's dragon breeding program and experiment with allowing a handful of dragons to grow into adulthood.
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