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An ancient elven city and former capital of the Elflands Empire during its early years. Built at the intersection of two rivers leading into the vibrant woodlands of the Golden Forests, the city remained a popular seasonal retreat for many noble families. The capital was moved to Kassadeia during Fortinbras I’s reign after the First Rakkan-Elflands War to provide the kingdom’s leaders some distance from their tiefling enemies in the south. After the collapse of the Empire in 897 during the Sunken God's reign of terror, the Elflands relocated its capital back to Henriad and transformed the city into a sanctuary for elves from all over Pescaliat.


  • 98% Elven


According to elven folk tales, the town of Henriad was built sometime at the start of Ekal's history in the 1st Cycle. No records have been found dating that far back, but several records make mention of the elven homeland as early as the 900's of the 2nd Cycle.   Founded at the entrance of the Golden Forests, the town of Henriad holds a sacred importance for the world's elves as a connection to their past and fey abilities. In times of crisis elven emperors have been known to travel to Henriad for spiritual guidance from the forest's nature guardians. For elves desperate for a change in circumstances, archfey have been found in Henriad willing to strike pacts for a small price.   After the Treaty of Iverburg in 898, the city became the official capital of the Elflands for the first time in thousands of years, its population quadrupling in just a handful of years. With the Elflands Empire destroyed and elves persecuted all over Pescaliat, Queen Rosalind Avon turned Henriad into a fortress and sanctuary for elves from all walks of life.
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