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An elf woman who ran a tavern named Much Ado on the far edges of Kassadeia. Her tavern became the site of a violent battle between a band of adventurers working for the Characters Revolution and an Elflands royal family member in 896, the furniture and bottom floor completely destroyed by the carnage. Nobody remained in the tavern when she returned after dropping off a sick elven guard, but on the bar counter she found a purse with 10,000GP inside. No name or note was listed next to it. She managed to escape the Sunken God's sahuagin forces after the New Year’s Massacre of 897, fleeing down the Severan River to Despero where she joined a refugee camp near Rochelle. After the defeat of the Sunken God in the Battle of Kassadeia in 897 she moved to the Elflands city of Henriad, setting up a small tavern on the edge of town known as As You Like It and becoming a regional landmark for elven refugees seeking shelter in the remains of the Elflands.

Mental characteristics


  • Bartender
Current Location
Year of Birth
486 449 Years old
Ruled Locations


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