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A mountain kingdom governed by red and green dragonborn that declared its independence from the Elflands Empire in the 760's of the 4th Cycle. A council of dragonborn aristocracy vote on a monarch every five years, and the kingdom has become renowned as the headquarters of the Gilded Hecat Guild and for its vast mining operations.


A council of more than sixty aristocratic dragonborn vote every five years for one of its council members to serve as Lord. There are no term limits to the position, and the Lord has the political authority to guide policy decisions enacted by the council and allocate resources around the kingdom. If the council disapproves of the Lord's leadership, they can override its votes with a 2/3 majority or have them removed from office in a vote of no confidence.


  • A mountain range full of rare metals that Bahamut can sell to its neighbors
  • Vast dungeons rest hidden beneath Bahamut, full of untold riches and relics


Elflands Years

According to legends from the time of the Ostry Apocalypse, the Bahamut Mtns were a haven for many races seeking shelter from the monstrous deities that plagued the world. The dragonborn who called the region home provided a home for every desperate soul seeking shelter, and Dhyrlonis was one of the few settlements to survive the Apocalypse's destruction.   After the rise of the Ageless One and the end of the Apocalypse, this charity was forgotten by the high elves of the Elflands Empire as they began a centuries-long conquest of the kingdoms of southern Pescat. Emperor Fortinbras I (629, 3rd Cycle - 1186, 3rd Cycle) crushed a united force of dragonborn and orcs early in his reign, and for the next 3,000 years the Bahamut Mtns and its dragonborn inhabitants would remain under imperial control.   The dragonborn weren't as abused and maligned as other races in the Elflands, their mountain villages difficult for imperial forces to survey and control even in the best of times. Landlocked without any major shipping ports, the dragonborn of the Bahamut Mtns turned inward and focused on mapping out the vast network of dungeons and tunnels hidden beneath the mountain range. Centuries of research mapped the thousands of miles of tunnels to wrap around the world ten times over, and to this day there are still some dungeons yet to be explored.   Bahamut's opportunity to revolt arrived in the decades following the Sixth Elflands-Rakkan War when Darys Bahamut declared the region's independence in 766 of the 4th Cycle. Uniting the aristocratic families behind him, a war-weary Elflands army proved unable to traverse the difficult passes of the mountain ranges and was forced to recognize the region as the newly formed nation of Bahamut.   In the years following its liberation Bahamut became a significant source of rare metals sold for refinement in the forges of Rakka and the Free State of Thorvald. Bahamut's leaders have tried to modernize the kingdom and expand its influence within southern Pescat, but many of its inhabitants still live in rural villages isolated from most of the known world. Jezean Hestheroth, the influential leader of Bahamut, expanded Bahamut's borders to include the elven factory town of Estrival during signing of the Treaty of Iverburg in 898 and sponsored the founding of the Gilded Hecat Guild several years later in the capital of Dhyrlonis. As host of the world's largest adventuring guild, Bahamut has used this prestige to balance a fine line in global politics to remain independent from the likes of Rakka and Sardivelia. Some of Jezean's successors preferred to turn inward and ignore international intrigues, but a kingdom as wealthy and as large as Bahamut will play a role in the future of Southern Pescat regardless of whether they want to or not.

Demography and Population

  • 43% Red Dragonborn
  • 37% Green Dragonborn
  • 4% Metallic Dragonborn
  • 16% Other Races


Rulers of Bahamut
  1. Darys Bahamut (766 - 803)
  2. Faridah Bahamut (803 - 828)
  3. Arjahn Maudi (828 - 863)
  4. Varys Bahamut (863 - 886)
  5. Saladin Vercin (886 - 898)
  6. Jezean Hestheroth (898 - 923)
  7. Thaalthis Zrahashi (923 - 928)
  8. Arel Yrrann (928 - Present)


Founding Date
766, 4th Cycle
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Head of State
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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