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Treaty of Iverburg

The most important political document of the 4th Cycle, the Treaty of Iverburg forged a new world order from the ruins of the collapsed Elflands Empire. After four thousand years of Elflands hegemony, the Treaty empowered neighboring kingdoms like Bahamut and Sardivelia while creating democratic nation-states like Broggfey and the Treeleaf Union. While the Treaty failed to create an international organization where member nations could address grievances and avoid costly wars, the Treaty was innovative for establishing the largest trade agreement ever made in Pescaliat.


To redraw the map of Southern Pescat following the collapse of the Elflands Empire.

Document Structure


  • Section I: The new Elflands kingdom and the annexation of the Empire's former cities.
  • Section II: The creation of new kingdoms from the former territories of the Empire. 
  • Section III: International rules regarding trade and justice. 
  • Section IV: Issues deemed beyond the purview of the Treaty

Historical Details


In the year 897 the Elflands Empire collapsed into chaos and ruin as a monstrous deity known as the Sunken God unleashed a reign of terror on the region with his sahuagin horde. Millions died as cities collapsed, making it all but impossible for the Empire to maintain its hold over such a large swath of territory. With Queen Rosalind Avon's blessing a new world order was forged, creating new nations and dividing regions among neighboring kingdoms to ensure stability for decades to come.


For nearly four thousand years the Elflands Empire had held undisputed control over the northeast region of Southern Pescat. Territories like Glace and Bahamut had seceded over the years, but the Sunken God's reign of terror accelerated the trend and ensured the Empire's collapse in a matter of months. This part of the world could have easily fallen into desperation and anarchy without decisive action by the Elflands' neighbors, leading to the treaty's ratification just three months after the Sunken God's defeat.

Public Reaction

A wave of relief rushed through the cities of Southern Pescat once the treaty was officially signed, putting an end to more than a year of uncertainty and chaos in the region. Nations like Sardivelia and Bahamut would play a larger role in regional affairs after annexing several vital cities, and democracies like the Treeleaf Union and Broggfey were brought into existence. Critics warned about the arbitrary nature of some borders and the lack of a nation-state for gnomes or goblinkin, but the Treaty's supporters outnumbered its detracters by an order of magnitude.


For over a decade the Treaty of Iverburg has maintained peace in the region without any major conflict, allowing cities to rebuild and commerce to resume across Southern Pescat. Nations like Bahamut, Sardivelia, and Treeleaf Union are industrializing fast, perhaps one day putting those arbitrary borders to the test.
Treaty, Diplomatic
Authoring Date
Year 898, 4th Cycle
Ratification Date
Month 4 (Dendro), Year 898, 4th Cycle


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