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Cassandra Gaspard

A female halfling, signatory of the Treaty of Iverburg, and former Prime Minister of the Treeleaf Union. A former agent of the Characters Revolution in the Elflands, she kept a public profile unlike other members of the Characters and acted as the intermediary between field agents and the group’s leadership. She had a huge crush on Adam Divisav since he was a living connection to Sebastian the Character, and the two of them started dating on their journeys together in 896. She helped Adam and his team of adventurers rescue Brogg the Accuser and The Mariner from Thork during a bitter Elflands siege, and she also assisted in the killing of Veridan Solidor after he abandoned the revolution. She was in Kassædeia during the New Year’s Massacre of 897, but she managed to escape thanks to Medraad Le Fey.

Adam proposed to her in Kanara, and together the two of them traveled back to the halfling city of Noggin to defend it against the Sunken God's Reign of Terror. The marriage was rough at first with several fights and bouts of drinking from Adam, but in 898 she gave birth to their first daughter Amara Divisav. She attended the negotiations for the Treaty of Iverburg in 898 while nine months pregnant, arguing for halfling home rule and a nation of their own.   She hoped for a quiet retirement from politics to focus on raising her daughter, but with the collapse of Prime Minister Tye Shadowquick's government in 909 she was forced back into government as a caretaker leader off-and-on for the following decade. Her pragmatism helped keep the TLU united despite the collapse of multiple coalition governments, spending long nights negotiating alliances away from home and family.

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Adam Divisav


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Cassandra Gaspard


Towards Adam Divisav


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854 81 Years old
Adam Divisav (Husband)


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