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Adam Divisav

(a.k.a. Blue Lightning)

An elven fighter and member of the Royal Knights Brigade. From the Battle of Faouzia in 876 to the Battle of Kassadeia in 897, Adam has been present for all of the RKB's greatest fights over the years.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Fighter, Champion

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Personal history

Born to humble elven farmers in the rural woods of Hakon, Adam knew from a young age that he couldn't waste his life in the middle of nowhere. While many elves waited until their second century to start exploring the world and shaping their identity, Adam abandoned the family farm at the age of thirteen to join a theater troupe and see the nations of Pescaliat. Adam became well-known for the physicality of his acting performances, and under the mentorship of Sebastian the Character the two of them became some of the most renowned performers in southern Pescat. Adam stayed on with the troupe for a year or two after Sebastian was banished from the group under trumped-up charges, but in 875 in the Avicennan city of Ravi he was part of the theater performance where Sebastian got his vengeance and killed the five actors who conspired to expel him from the troupe. Sebastian gave Adam one parting request for him to join the Royal Knights Brigade, after which Sebastian killed himself in a suicide bombing to assassinate Gen. Boua Ussaki. In a matter of seconds, Adam's life trajectory changed completely.   Inspired by Sebastian’s sacrifice, Adam served as a loyal fighter in the RKB and killed leaders of the Coven like Cella Vivaldi with brutal efficiency. Much like the physicality of his performances, Adam preferred a close-range approach to fighting with his sturdy pair of bracers that could decimate an enemy with a single blow. At the Battle of Faouzia in 876 he was almost killed by the lich's devastating 'Power Word Kill' spell, but the cleric-for-hire Prichard Hawkins managed to cast 'Revivify' on him before it was too late.   Traumatized from his adventures, Adam turned to drinking and began a career in vigilantism under the alias Blue Lightning. In 896 he escorted Queen Astrid to the disastrous funeral for Emperor Polonius III , after which he reluctantly agreed to join The Characters in their campaign to overthrow the tyrannical Elflands government. He was suspicious of the group’s intentions and its use of his mentor’s theater name, but he began to bond with some of the group’s agents and dated others like the halfling bardCassandra Gaspard. The Characters Revolution brought with it a whole new era of loss and trauma, like when Amara Fireheart died fighting Isabel Avon at the Battle of Hedgpeth and left Adam feeling gutted and personally responsible for the loss. He tried to bring Amara's body back to Gameth to give it a proper funeral for Roland Fireheart, but during the New Year's Massacre of 897 the Characters' leader revealed that he was working to summon a monstrous deity known as the Sunken God and had resurrected Amara’s body as a wight to assist him. Adam fought and killed the group's leader with the rest of the party, escaping with Medraad's help just before a horde of sahuagin stormed the palace.   The RKB fled to the Avicennan city of Kanara and from there traveled to Gameria, processing the losses and betrayals suffered in the Elflands. In the wake of this adventure Adam decided to retire from the RKB and proposed to his girlfriend Cassandra, traveling to her hometown of Noggin to defend it from the Sunken God’s advances. Many cities in the Elflands fell to the monstrous deity's powers like Hedgpeth and Galway, but Adam's combat training helped him oversee the construction of vast fortifications around the city's Mulane College. The defenses wouldn't hold forever, but they stood long enough for the city to receive relief from a coalition fleet sailing to the Elflands to defeat the Sunken God once and for all. With a massive battle imminent and his wife several months' pregnant, Adam knew that his life trajectory would once again change completely. He traveled to the ruins of Kassadeia with the RKB to face the Sunken God and its sahuagin horde, landing the killing blow after a hard-fought encounter.   Lauded as one of the world's greatest fighters, Adam took a family leave from the RKB to raise his daughter Amara Divisav with Cassandra in Noggin. He kept in touch with his fellow adventurers, and every now and then he would get the urge to go journey through the world again.  


Adam Divisav


Towards Cassandra Gaspard


Cassandra Gaspard


Towards Adam Divisav


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