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A mining town on Gameth eastern frontier. The city operated as Gen. Boua's headquarters in the 870’s during the Avicennan War and was the first city in the world to use railways. Gameth claimed Ravi as their own after the Avicennan War's end in 876 and now operates it as an industrial hub for the kingdom.


  • 89% Human
  • 2% Dwarven
  • 2% Gnomish
  • 6% Other Races


  • Vast deposits of iron ore and precious metals
  • A wide pool of talented scientists and engineers expatriated from Avicenna


Ravi was built on the ruins of an ancient dragonborn stronghold in the decades following Gameth's conquest of the continent, an easily defensible location surrounded by rich deposits of ore. For centuries Gamerian mines lacked the technology to dig deep into the mountainside, but following Avicenna's secession from Gameth in the 300's the fledgling nation invested heavily into technology capable of excavating deeper into the Nestorian Mtns. than ever before.    These experiments proved grueling and deadly for the miners forced to test the new equipment, but they laid the groundwork for the modern era of industrialization as each mine's output increased exponentially. By the second half of the 800's Avicenna was set to become one of the largest suppliers of metal and ore in Pescaliat, but its global ambitions fell apart after the Avicennan War as Gameth seized the kingdom's mines for their own use. Mining operations continue to this day with oversight from expat Avicennan engineers, providing the resources for growing Gameth's capital and sustaining its airship program.
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