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A small village on the western side of the Nestorian Mtns. in Gameth. It was the site of several monster attacks during the Fairouz Terror of the 870's, most notably when a horde of ghasts destroyed the village temple. The town has since rebuilt, though some locals fear undead monsters may still lurk in the nearby wilderness.


  • 96% Human
  • 4% Other Races


Like many Gamerian settlements founded in the 4th Cycle's second century, Dahlonega was originally established as a military outpost to keep watch on the dragonborn of the Nestorian Mtns. The village was often a target of raids and bombings for its location atop several deposits of metal and ore, turning the town square into a warzone during the most violent years of Gameth's campaign against the dragonborn.    After Gameth drove the region's dragonborn to the point of near-extinction by the end of the 100's, life in Dahlonega became more predictable for its inhabitants. As Gameth turned its attention towards foreign matters and future conquests, Dahlonega's mines helped supply much of the armor worn by the kingdom's bravest knights. Up until the annexation of Ravi following the Avicennan War of the 870's, Dahlonega was one of the most productive mining towns in all of Gameth.
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