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Fairouz Terror


Stories abound about the horrors and atrocities committed by Fairouz the Undying in 870’s Liat. Some say she pulled the strings of continental politics for over a decade, and if it wasn’t for a band of selfless adventurers the world would’ve been thrown into chaos by her meddling with interplanar forces. She was slain in a merciless battle in 876 that left at least one tiefling warlock dead, but stories of Fairouz's reign of terror spread all over Pescaliat in the years following.


Some have tried to cite the Fairouz Terror as a harbinger of the Sunken God's Reign of Terror two decades later, but scholars are cautious to make any kind of comparison between the two entities. While both were seeking to topple the global order and unleash interplanar threats from beyond the Veil, it appears that the two were operating for patrons from different realms. The Sunken God wanted to reconnect with the Far Realms, but rumors have it that Fairouz was pursuing something more dreamlike in nature...

In Literature

Chronicles of the Continent: the Fairouz Terror by Tarpin Melchor is the most thorough accounting of this pivotal moment in Liat's history, tracing the rise of the Royal Knights Brigade and the heroes that would one day defeat the lich through firsthand reports.
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