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Created by the Ageless One at the end of the Ostry Apocalypse, the Veil seals off Ekal from the rest of the multiverse to protect it from interplanar threats. Conjured nearly 4,000 years ago, the Veil disrupts spells and magic that would try to transcend planes. For example, the 'Sending' spell has a 90% fail rate when being sent towards a person beyond Ekal's borders. Similarly, Spelljammers and other plane-hopping items are more prone to mishaps and failure as a result of the Veil.   The Veil requires an immense amount of energy to maintain, but its inner workings are kept a close secret by the Ageless One's priesthood.


The so-called 'Emanation Point' remains a mystery, with various points like the center of the Arrayas Ocean theorized to be the Veil's point of origin before it gets cast into Ekal's atmosphere.

Localized Phenomena

  • As they are filters of Ekal's identity rather than totally foreign planes of existence, the Feywild and Shadowfell are still accessible by Ekalian natives within the Veil. This explains the number of Fairies that have appeared throughout Pescaliat in addition to the rift found within the Fey Plains. The Shadowfell's filter is less navigable, but there are some portals rumored to be found within the Underdark.
  • The Veil restricts access to Ekal from these planes of existence: Mt. Celestia, Arborea, the Abyss, Pandemonium, the Astral Sea, Limbo, the Nine Hells, Bytopia, Gehenna, Acheron, Carceri, the Outlands, and the Wildspace of an untold number of other worlds. 
Planar Sphere/Grouping
Owning Organization


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