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"There's no out-drinking a fairy," -Zephyr Luthar, 900, 4th Cycle
For centuries fairies and feykind have baffled the scholars of Ekal. Never staying in one place long enough to observe and confusing researchers with puzzling responses, the fey seem to interact with the world differently than any other mortal creature. Some information has been gleaned over the course of many years, like the fact that the fey must have first appeared in Ekal sometime in the 1st Cycle and that many of them disappear to a world known as the Feywild when they vanish from Ekal. Despite their ephemeral nature, fey can sometimes be convinced to assist in tasks or quests if they find the mission interesting enough.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • Unsurprisingly, the Fey Plains of southern Pescat contains the largest stable population of fairies in the world. Now under the control of the orcish nation of Broggfey, the orcish settlers have started to establish ties with some of the region's permanent fey residents to befriend them and stabilize the region. 
  • Large numbers of fey can be found in the world's largest wooded regions: the Golden Forests of the Elflands, the Koulan Forests of the Northern Territories, and the wildlands of Hakon. Fey from these woods have a close relationship to the land, sometimes fighting to defend it from perceived invaders. 
  • Given their unpredictable nature, fey have been sighted all over the world. These sightings are usually brief and inexplicable, the fey appearing and disappearing depending on their interactions with the locals. 
  • Many interviews with fairies make mention of a world known as the Feywild, where a ruler known as the Queen of Lost Things fights with the Seasonal Kingdoms in an epic war of order vs freedom. This war has sometimes bled into Ekal, and every fey creature appears to have an opinion on the conflict.
150 yrs.
Geographic Distribution
Proliferation: Rare   Stats/Rules: 3rd Party


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