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Koulan Forests

A vast stretch of wilderness in the Northern Territories' east. Trading centers like Mokazai, Craxi, and Sanjuro City thrive on its edges, but only small tribes and villages are able to survive the magical fauna and spirits that abound in its dense forests. The legendary hero Nyana was rumored to be born in these forests.   The Koulan Forests is one of the rare biomes that predates the Ostry Apocalypse, some researchers suggesting that the forest could be tens of thousands of years old (this theory was long rejected as false since it contradicted the the elven measurement of eras in 3,000-year increments. Other researchers have theorized that a primordial entity guards the forest, not unlike the nature spirit known as the Colony in the Lotan Conservation.   Despite its age, little is known for certain about the Koulan Forests. Expeditions from Chusei University often go missing in its vast interior, falling victim to either the violent wildlife or the vicious bandits who have set up camp here in the years following the collapse of the Kiri Clan (the region's longtime guardian). Sardivelian logging operations have helped to map out more of the forest's uncharted regions, and members of the Fortunate Five claim to have negotiated with the primordial entity to guarantee safe passage through its domain. As logging operations continue and neighboring continues continue to expand into its interior, more contact with the spirit of Koulan is inevitable.


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