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The ancient capital of the Kiri Clan, famous for its elven architecture and the majesty of the Orange Palace. Much like the the Elflands Empire's Kassædeia in Southern Pescat, Younashi reflected the power of Kiri Clan throughout the Northern Territories with its vast trove of riches and artwork.    For centuries the walls of Younashi never fell during the Kiri Clan's countless wars with the humans of Kawa Clan, but its fortunes started to change in the 4th Cycle. The armies of Kiri Clan found themselves outmaneuvered by new generations of soldiers and weaponry, and the sudden rise of Oda Clan in the region completely upended centuries of alliances in the Northern Territories. The combined defeats of the Kiri-Kawa-Oda War and Oda-Kiri War led to the kingdom's collapse in the 4th Cycle's tenth century, and the Siege of Younashi in 908 was the final nail in the coffin.    The city was quickly plundered of all its riches and artwork after the siege, thousands of elves fleeing for safer havens in the Elflands and Sanjuro City. A handful of elves chose to stay behind and take care of the city even as it fell under Oda Clan's control, fending off bandits from the Kiri Remnant and preserving landmarks like the Orange Palace. With the formation of Kyoko Hara's Nothern Union in 919 some elves have advocated for turning Younashi into an independent city-state, but for the time being these plans appear to be a far-off dream.


  • 54% Elven
  • 17% Human
  • 29% Other Races
Founding Date
137, 3rd Cycle
Large town
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Included Locations
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