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HHI Session 18: The Siege of Younashi

General Summary

Month 5, Week 2, Year 908
Despite the loss of Sola's soul, the Seeking Scorpions continued with their mission to enter the Kiri Clan city of Younashi the next morning. Ithilwen tried tending to some of the wounded soldiers in the Oda Clan war camp, in a war between humans and elves her elven presence was feared to upset the soldiers and she was turned away by the nurses. She left a healing potion behind to help with the healing process.    The next morning the party met with Softas Snow on the bank of the Maguro River to begin the journey into Younashi. The white-furred tabaxi rowed them across the river, helping them navigate the dense foliage of the Koulan Forests until they reached the Handgun safehouse.    As Softas readied the safehouse for the party's arrival, a seemingly intoxicated and gaunt-looking dragonborn appeared from the woods shouting about kenkus and cards. Mavis approached to talk to him, learning that the dragonborn claimed to be a goliath and Handgun agent by the name of Kiros Gigorte. He was tasked by the Handgun with investigating a possible return by the warlock Wilbur Whately, but this expedition ended with his body being turned into a vessel for nearly two-dozen souls known as Sola. Drawing The Void card from the Deck of Many Things rescued him from that fate, transferring his soul to the corpse of a recently fallen dragonborn mercenary.    It was very clear that Kiros still held a seething hatred for Wilbur Whately/The Gatekeeper, but he also felt indebted to Mavis for helping to rescue him from the corrupted body. Mavis agreed to keep Kiros' revival a secret from Wilbur, and in return Kiros agreed to help the party on its mission to infiltrate Younashi.    The trek into the city took close to an hour, the sounds of war echoing aboveground as a new day of warfare began. When they finally entered within the city gates, a scene of chaos and destruction welcomed them with smoke rising from toppled buildings. The party split up, Kiros and Softas searching for magic items from some of the noble estates while the Seeking Scorpions went out to rescue Maris Sissava's agents.    Kiros and Softas made some small talk along the way to their target, Kiros insisting that he was a former Handgun agent in a past life and in a previous body. Softas had trouble understanding his meaning, but when it was clear that Kiros' Handgun affiliations were legit he tried to offer some guidance to the rogue about moving on and accepting the past. The two of them nearly got crushed under a toppling building down one alleyway, but they survived the disaster and continued on towards the noble estates. The two thieves discovered plenty of gold and magic items, more than enough to make this dangerous venture worth their time. Kiros spotted a family of elven nobles begging for help down one of the main thoroughfares, but he chose not to help and instead had Softas help him loot the family's abandoned estate.    Meanwhile all the ladies of Seeking Scorpions ventured towards Younashi's commercial district, getting stopped by a handful of elven guards urging them to return home and get out of the dangerous streets in the middle of a siege. The party begrudgingly followed behind the guards for a few blocks, but as they approached the bookstore where Maris' agents were hiding they convinced the guards to leave them behind. It took a bit of effort to break inside the bookstore and even more effort to stop one of the yuan-ti agents from punching Ithilwen, but once things had calmed down they all agreed to return towards the safehouse. The yuan-ti introduced themselves as Reshi and Nessa, and the former was definitely more grateful than the latter.    When the Seeking Scorpions made it out into the streets they ran into the same family of elven nobles that Kiros had ignored, Ithilwen agreeing to escort them for 500GP. Just as the two groups were about to reunite and converge on the safehouse, the city gates fell and the siege of Younashi came to an end. Monsters made of razor-sharp paper bounded towards the group, emitting storms of paper and slicing the party apart every time they took damage. Two members of the noble family were killed as they got caught up in the papery storm, and the two yuan-ti were forced to 'Misty Step' their way towards the safehouse after just a couple of rounds. Ownka delivered some devastating blows and Softas Snow proved to be an incredible shot, but it was Kiros' archery skills that proved to be the deciding factor in the battle. Log was killed in the fighting while Mavis and Ownka were both nearly slaughtered by the paper storm, but Ithilwen helped revive her party members and Ownka used her remaining strength to rush back into the street and rescue Log's body. After an intense moment of prayer towards Gruumsh, she decided to use her remaining diamond to revive Log and continue spreading word of the deity's miraculous exploits. The party had survived its adventure in Younashi.

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13 Dec 2020
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