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A female lizardfolk from the Lotan Conservation. An expert hunter/trapper, in 908 she abandoned her tribe of lizardfolk to follow Ownka Ramm and her patron deity Gruumsh across the Northern Territories. Mavis Wren took an interest in Log as well, but more for physical reasons. She was suspicious of Balasar Norixius' pyromaniacal tendencies, but she decided that bouts of arson were worth it to gain divine powers from Gruumsh.   Log quickly became a vital part of Ownka's plans for expanding Gruumsh's reign of terror throughout the region, orchestrating raids deep into populated urban centers like Sanjuro City and Mokazai. She was nearly killed on several occasions, but Ownka made sure to revive the lizardfolk to preserve a valuable ally for Gruumsh's chaos. But in true lizardfolk fashion, when it became clear that Ownka was about to be decimated by a band of adventurers in 919 Log quickly escaped the fight to find someone stronger to follow. Later that day she ran into Theo Vechian and his Gray Hat minions, promptly decapitated by Theo's demonic power.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Rogue, Scout
  • Cleric, War Domain

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Log was the middle child in a family of a dozen lizardfolk, learning from a young age to hunt for her food and navigate the dense jungles of the Lotan Conservation. Given little oversight as a child, she ventured further and further from Tiammanthyllish to hunt the dinosaurs and monsters that roamed the nation's frontier.   By a young age Log had made a name for herself as a reliable scout and hunter, but as the years wore on a strange feeling began to plague her: boredom. There were only so many monsters worth hunting in the Conservation, and what would happen when no monster could pose a threat? She tried to push these thoughts aside and focus on her targets, but a wave of melancholy overcame her at the end of each hunt as the adrenaline wore off and all she was left with was a trophy from her prey.   This discontent became all-consuming when she heard a strange green person named Ownka preach about a powerful deity known as Gruumsh, capable of providing his most loyal followers with the power to defeat challenging monsters of all stripes. This opportunity proved too tempting for Log, and despite warnings from the village elder she joined with Ownka's cult and the Seeking Scorpions adventuring group. Over the next few months she saw dazzling cityscapes and faced monsters she could have never imagined, including some people capable of incredible spellcasting.   Life off the Conservation proved traumatizing and dangerous for the lizardfolk, having nearly died twice in just as many months, but every day offered new challenges and new foes to face. Log would never return to Lotan with so much of the world to see. When she became strong enough she was commanded by Ownka to stay in Sanjuro City and recruit more followers for Gruumsh from the oppressed lizardfolk dockworkers. After years of raids and recruitment drives Log held sway over a small army of lizardfolk, setting up a base of operation in the sewers beneath Sanjuro City. She was the first to introduce the orgy pit to Gruumsh's followers, a place where lizardfolk could shed their scales and reanimate them into boneless constructs to serve the war god's bidding.

Mental Trauma

During her adventures with the Seeking Scorpions, Log died twice:
  • Once when she was killed by a Shroud agent trying to rescue Balasar (4/2/908)
  • Again when she was killed by an Oda Clan origami monster (5/2/908)
On both occasions the cleric Ownka Ramm was able to rescue her from certain death, filling the lizardfolk with an invigorating zeal for Gruumsh's miraculous powers. Her brushes with death didn't leave her unfazed though: fearing death from all corners, she began to be paranoid and saw anybody outside of her group as a possible killer.
889 919 30 years old
Place of Death
Bright Yellow
Blue and Red Feathers
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark Green
Aligned Organization


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