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Lotan Conservation

A moutainous kingdom in northern Pescat surrounded by dense jungles and rainforests. The region's blue dragonborn protect Lotan's indigenous populations of lizardfolk and grung from outside interference, an arrangement that has lasted for nearly three thousand years.


A tribe of blue dragonborn convenes every fall to discuss any threats facing the Conservation or disturbances within Lotan's jungles. Representatives of the lizardfolk and grung tribes appear as well to have a say on how their territories are governed.


  • Lotan contains the most biologically diverse ecosystem in all of Ekal, with the number of identified species numbering in the tens of thousands.
  • The dense forests and unforgiving mountains provide the Conservation with a series of natural defenses that make it difficult to outsiders to invade or extract resources



In the wake of the Ostry Apocalypse at the beginning of the 3rd Cycle, much of the land on Pescaliat was ruined and uninhabitable for most mortal life. Concerned by this situation and guilt-ridden by the creation of the Campanel Desert, the deity known as the Ageless One fostered the growth and revitalization of countless forests and jungles around the world. The woodlands of Hakon, the Golden Forests of the Elflands, and the dense jungles of the Lotan Mtns were all created during this time period.   The immediate beneficiaries of this revitalization were the elves of Pescaliat, who with their fey ancestry knew how to tame and mold the wilderness into sprawling empires that would define the 3rd Cycle as the Era of the Elves. The Elflands used the Golden Forests as the foundation of an Empire that would span three oceans, and the high elves of Kiri Clan in the Northern Territories situated their capital in the center of two vast forests and used the resources to usher in an era of growth and prosperity.   The jungles of the Lotan Mtns were officially annexed by Kiri Clan in the early 4th Century of the 3rd Cycle, the native dragonborn and lizardfolk too fragmented to put up any kind of resistance. For centuries the Kiri Clan was a stabilizing force in the region, putting an end to many of the petty tribal disputes that had defined the region since the ancient days of the 1st Cycle. Legends told of how the lizardfolk sided with the yuan-ti against the dragonborn of the Lotan Mtns, and for many blue dragonborn in the region this was grounds to continue waging countless feuds and wars against their lizardfolk neighbors. After more than 1500 years of Elflands rule, these feuds became a distant memory as both dragonborn and lizardfolk alike became subjugated by the Kiri Clan elves. The region was treated as a sacred pilgrimage site for high elves seeking to reconnect with nature, the natives acting as sherpas through the dense jungles and helping their pilgrims reach 'true enlightenment'.

That Idea of Sovereignty

The Kiri Clan's relationship to the Lotan Mtns drastically changed in the 1900's of the 3rd Cycle after its first major war with the human Kawa Clan to the north. The Kiri Clan had ruled as the undisputed leaders of the Northern Territories for centuries, but the rise of several human tribes to the north and west indicated that the clan would have to modernize and rethink its fighting styles to survive into the 4th Cycle.   The family leaders of the Kiri Clan began to raise armies numbering in the hundreds of thousands, plunging deep into the Lotan Mtns and Koulan Forests to gather precious metals and resources for future battles. The lumber town of Moukazai was founded during this time period, and permanent trading posts were established at Lotan's boundaries to quickly move timber and rare herbs to the Kiri Clan's capital of Younashi.   Lotan's dragonborn and lizardfolk, having long ago set aside their differences, began to unite and push back against the destruction of their homeland for distant wars. Forging an alliance with the grung and mystical creatures that dwelt within Lotan's densest jungles, the blue dragonborn began to push back against elven oppression in a decades-long fight for independence until the region was formally recognized as an independent nation in the 1980's of the 3rd Cycle. The Kiri Clan lost thousands of soldiers in Lotan's rainforests, and with another war against the Kawa Clan looming on the horizon the family leadership decided to cut its losses and leave the region to its own devices. The Lotan Conservation was born.

An Ageless Territory

Lotan's constitution was drafted nearly two thousand years ago, but to any traveler visiting the Conservation they'll find a region unchanged since its founding two millennia ago. Wars, revolutions, plagues, and disasters have ravaged Pescaliat countless times over, but Lotan's founding principle of permanent neutrality and strict quotas on visitors entering the region have kept it insulated from many of the modern forces reshaping Pescaliat. The region's blue dragonborn maintain constant patrols at Lotan's borders, stopping any smugglers or poachers from entering the Conservation uninvited. Should any poachers pass through this militarized border, the region's lizardfolk and grung have spent centuries crafting poisons that can stun a man in a matter of seconds. Should any vagrant survive the border guards and poisons, they'll find themselves face-to-face with monsters and magics thought extinct for centuries.   Lotan's isolationism proved to be the perfect breeding ground for dragons, giants, and countless other creatures who roamed the world of Ekal in its infancy. Researchers from Tahrir College and Chusei University have begged for years to enter Lotan and study creatures known only through ancient legends, but the Conservation's tribes have adamantly prohibited any outside interference from its neighbors.   As the world of Ekal enters a new era of firearms and airships, many outsiders have wondered if Lotan's neutrality can survive in an industrial age. No matter what threats the 10th century of the 4th Cycle may hold, many believe that whatever power has protected Lotan for 2,000 years will find a way to defend the region for years to come. Whether that's an ancient dragon, a nation-sized magic circle, or some other unfathomable magic power, the world may never know.

Demography and Population

  • 37% Blue Dragonborn
  • 22% Lizardfolk
  • 19% Grung
  • 22% Other Races


Protectors of Lotan
Founding Date
1982, 3rd Cycle
Geopolitical, State
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members

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