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Tahrir College

A prestigious center for higher education in the Sabhan capital of Orem. World-renowned for its anthropology department and expeditions to the Campanel Desert, Tahrir's alumni have managed to uncover artifacts dating back to Ekal's 1st Cycle. More than any other world organization, Tahrir College has helped the people of Pescaliat piece together their ancient history and have a better sense of the drama and tragedy that defined the continents for countless millennia.


The college's president allocates resources to the various departments and approves expeditions to different regions of the Campanel Desert and beyond. The president reserves veto power on any expedition deemed too expensive or far-fetched.


  • A faculty containing some of the brightest minds in the Campanel Desert and beyond


The 490's of the 4th Cycle were a delicate time in Sabhan history as political refugees from the Elflands Empire demanded radical reforms to the kingdom's absolutist monarchy. The newly coronated Queen Amaya Rostami acceded to the demands, establishing a constitutional monarchy with a democratically elected parliament and restrictions on the monarchy's power, the first democracy of its kind in Pescaliat. As part of Sabha's new constitution, Queen Amaya agreed to charter the creation of a new college dedicated to the research and preservation of the region's history.   So in 500, 4th Cycle, Tahrir College was founded as an institution for higher learning dedicated to studying the kingdoms and empires that used to rule the continents of Pescat and Liat. In the centuries since its founding, Tahrir has uncovered troves of dragonborn relics and yuan-ti weapons dating back thousands of years to Ekal's 1st Cycle. This period in the world's history had long been shrouded in mystery and legend, but Tahrir's discoveries helped provide the world with a glimpse of a life in Ekal's early years when dragons and gods traversed the world on a daily basis.   Tahrir's last major discovery came in the 850's when a major yuan-ti fortress was discovered near the Desperan city of Anthep, but in the past few decades the college has failed to overcome political conflicts in Southern Pescat to fund more expeditions into the uncharted reaches of the Desert. Some professors argued for funding into other departments, but members of the anthropology department have argued that a major investment would be needed to uncover legendary sites like the fabled thri-kreen capital of Thrah-Kezaam. Prof. Frederico Wiosloopo, the current president of Tahrir, decided to make a gamble on one last major expedition through the desert lead by legendary adventurer Flora. Tahrir's fortune will rise or fall depending on the outcome of this journey.


Presidents of Tahrir College    

"Dig Deep for the Truth"

Founding Date
500, 4th Cycle
Educational, University
Alternative Names
TC, Tahrir C
Controlled Territories
Notable Members


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